Friday, October 31, 2008

The session at Lorna Wh*ston

It was a little too short. I wish it was longer and we could have discussed with more depth. We did a few simple tests to determine the type person / worker we are. Me? I am soooooo on the h highly emotions side. I might not agree with the whole description, but .... I am definitely disorganised. Yes, Andrea and Millie, thanks, I know you agree. Not that I cannot be organised. But I am naturally disorganised. At least my table looks it. On top of that, I am the type that wears de Bono's white and red hats. I think. That's the way I work. So ... how's that going to help me, and the English department? Well, we have a better understanding of how we work and how we can complement one another to work as a team. And I hope the others also look upon the sessions as a means to discover themselves and how they can work with the rest of the team.

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