Monday, October 6, 2008


Many of you have asked me from whom I am hiding. Or rather, from whom am I hiding this blog. Well, I am not specifically hiding from anyone. This new blog was created out of necessity, not because I am hiding. Afterall, I put the url for this blog plainly and clearly for all my readers to see.
However, I guess I AM trying to hide a bit. I am not keen to be stalked by some unknown people. I worry about people who might try to take what I have written out of context and cause disrepute to my school, my friends, my students, and to myself. I am surprised that some teenagers from another school had been reading my blog and commenting about it in their blogs. Well, maybe just one particular person. The problem is when a teacher from my school asked me if I had a blog because she heard about it from a teacher from the school of the said teenager!
The other group of people I'm trying to hide from are actually people who will read too much into what I write and start judging me, or the people I happen to mention. On top of that, I do not want some people to stalk the people I have linked in my blog. Especially because some of them actually blog using very inappropriate language. So, that's basically whom I'm hiding from. It's not a conscious effort to hide. I'm just throwing off some people.
So, who are those very welcomed here? Almost everyone, actually. I have no problem with most of those who have been coming in.
Well, messing up or not, I have been having quite an adventure in the blogosphere. I'm learning. And some of you have been teaching me. I am extremely grateful, esp to those of you who have given me suggestions and help in blogging. And I have the utmost respect for some of you because you have shown me that I (an old dog, almost) can learn new tricks! Thank you, friends.

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