Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dedicated to a daughter who is trying to do all the right things

Girl, it has been a tough period for you. You have shown each and every one of us how strong you have been, you ARE, as you go through this time of getting ready for your exams, sitting for your exams and also worrying about your mum. I know it hasn't been the best of times, especially with some insensitive remarks made by some people to you. And you have been shouldering the daughter role alone, with your sis away. And you are trying to shield her from all the pain because she is having exams. I'm sorry that you have had to go through most of the things by yourself. Just remember that you have some very caring buddies who are standing by you, and will help you if you ask. And I am also availling myself to you, should you decide my ears are worthy of your rants, and my shoulders worthy of your tired self and tears. And I will continue to pray, for you, for your mum, your family. Do take care, and remember you have people who love you.

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lydia miller said...

thanks teacher :) really made me feel much better. Although this situation is just very hard, I still believe that God really has a plan for me, my mum and my family. I don't know what is He trying to do - putting us in test or I don't know! - but I know it's all for our own good. Just keep on praying for us, Pn.Chris. especially mum. :) Loves.