Thursday, September 22, 2011

Puteri Gunung Ledang - A Sri Aman Production

We are fast approaching the day this musical will be staged in the school hall. Although this is a BM production, although I am in no way involved, I am proud to say the presentation will be wonderful. I watched the full dress rehearsal today and I am proud to say that everyone did a splendid job. I am extremely proud of my friends/colleagues who are involved, and I am also very proud of the students who have spent the last 3-4 months practising and working out all the details they are supposed to do.
To the cast and crew, break a leg. You will do splendidly. You will make Sri Aman very proud to have staged this production.

p/s Mr Saw Tiong Hin, the director of PGL the movie as well as a consultant in PGL the musical also attended the full dress rehearsal today, albeit only till half way. He was impressed by what he saw and I felt really proud to hear him say that it was a good job by all.

p/p/s Datin Tiara Jacquelina, who played the legendary princess in both the movie and the musical, was informed about our production. Though she could not come, she was very supportive by posting our poster on her FB page and inviting our cast and crew to Istana Budaya to see how her company produces a musical drama.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiga - < 3 ... ???

Wondering what that was? That's the title of the drama that was put up by Production Club last Thursday. No, I am not part of the club. No, the play was not in English. No, I did not offer to help. But I was involved, nevertheless.
How did that happen? Hmmm, kinda a long story ... well, not that long, but I am not about to blog about it. Bottom line is I was involved as the stage manager. Officially I was the stage manager.
In reality, I think I went beyond the duty of a stage manager. Those who know me will know that I cannot stand by and watch something just fall flat, and not do anything about it. I saw how the whole project seemed ready to collapse. I could not stand it, and I took over, partially. Instead of "just" being the stage manager, I assisted in directing, in making sure props were ready, costume and makeup were complete, made some decisions which I should not have made, but I made them. I screamed at the cast and crew when they did not listen. I scolded people left, right and centre. In short, I almost took over. Why? I could not let it fail. I had to do something. I did what I could with the little time left.
I don't know if some people minded that I bulldozed my way through, but it's too late to mind. The production went .... relatively well. Considering that we had so little time, and having so many issues to solve, we did quite well.
I hope that I never ever have to take over like that again. In 5 days' time, it'll be Puteri Gunung Ledang. I am not involved at all, thankfully. But I know and have faith that it'll be great.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Been over a month

I have been slacking off. Lazy to update my blog. Too tired after the cheer season was over. August, for me, was a relatively boring month, not so busy but also a change in focus of my work.
The one week break over Hari Raya was a really good time to rest and spend time with my boys. I am very unfair to them most of the time. I'm glad I had the 1 week with them. I did no work, just spend time doing the things I liked and taking my boys out.
Hari Raya visits were aplenty this year. I spent the first day of HR visiting 2 families. The first is my buddy, Puteri's family. It was a good time of yakking with friends there. Then we went to Pn Alainal's house. It was good meeting up with her again after so long. I have missed her so. In the evening we went to Hayani's house. I only took Joel with me, and he had a good time wandering all over the house.
The second day of HR, hubby took Jon and Jeremy to Putrajaya. I took Joel to TM with the maid to visit HER cousin and employer. What a surprise it was! The house is sooooo English. And soooooo big.
Now I am back to work. It will be a busy month for me. Starting with finalising the editorial work, then the drama next week, and Eco Music Fest, and Cheer competition for the houses, and then flying off to Penang for the perkembangan staf.
October will be another busy month. That, I will reserve for the next post.