Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just not in the mood

This has been the longest hiatus for me. I am just not in the mood to blog right now. Tried blogging from the handphone last night but didn't load. If not for a certain someone who badgered me about updating, I'd probably be very happy leaving it alone. Well, maybe things will get more interesting soon and I'll have something to blog about. I don't want to just rant and rave here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cannot deny that I am getting old

Not that I want to deny it. But yes, I am getting older ... and as one crosses the bridge to the big four-oh ... a lot of things starts to happen. Of course, my hair has been greying. I used to be very bothered by that but now I just accept that it is part and parcel of getting older. In addition to that, my eyesight has been affected too. I am now short sighted and will soon go and get myself a pair of reading glasses. I cannot read too long as it is. And I get a massive headache from the straining to read.
My body too is now telling me to slow down and not push myself too much. I sprained my ankle on 5th July. It is now 17th September. More than two months have passed and my ankle is still slightly swollen and it is weak. I feel the pain when I flex and point my toes. I resprained my ankle a few weeks back when I stepped on uneven ground. So my ankle is giving me problems. I cannot wear high heels without feeling the strain on the ankle. I need afternoon naps more often now. When I get home from school, I am so tired that I just need to plonk down on my bed and take a nap. Sometimes the nap can last as long as 2 hours!!! But then I don't sleep very much at night. Not the recommended amount of sleep anyway. So ... yes, my body is telling me to really learn to slow down. Perhaps it is time for me to learn to relax and take things easy and try to not do everything by myself.
A resolution for myself for this 10 day Hari Raya break will be to really relax and spend time for myself, as well as for the family. Hmmmm a good time to go for a Thai massage ... there is that coupon I was given some weeks ago. Yeah, a good time to go for it. And a good time for a hiatus too. Perhaps.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The big four-oh

So I have joined the club. Puteri, you have some years to go. Well, I am there now. I have finished 4 decades of life. I'm now looking forward to maybe another four decades.
I had a pretty good day yesterday, with my buddies in celebrating the big day. We didn't go for a meal, since some of them were fasting. Instead we went to a fish spa! I think I enjoyed the laughters we had more that the fish cleaning our dead skin! The squeals and all were hilarious. If only our students saw/heard them ... no, not me ... they would have had a super duper time laughing. Well, four of us were there, dipping our feet in the pools and having tiny fishes nibbling on our feet. It was a luxury to be able to do that. Seldom do we find the time to relax like that. We then went for a demo of a therapy to smoothen our feet. After the demo treatment, we decided to just go ahead and had the full treatment. So now we have almost baby smooth skin on our legs and feet!!! Then I went on and bought myself some Estee Lauder lipsticks. Another treat for myself. Already got a new handphone from hubby, which I am happy about. And I got a nice purse from my buddies. And some other gifts. The best surprise was when I got home and was greeted by my son who told me I had a surprise from my sis-in-law and family, in Australia. Well, they sent me a super BIG basket of flowers and chocolates delivered by the florist. Wow. That really made my day. And later, hubby and I went for supper (his dinner). So it was a nice day for me indeed. All the more reason to look forward to many more years, God willing.

Save Yvonne's Sight

Okay, so I am going to be lazy. I don't have time to do what is necessary so I am just going to take the easy way out and post this link here. It is a link to someone else's blog on saving Yvonne's eyesight. Yvonne has neurofribromatosis (NF) and it has caused her to lose her hearing and she is now losing her sight. She needs to undergo a surgery (one of her many surgeries) soon. Click on the link here and do what you can. Spread the word.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playing host

Today I played host to a Thai couple and their little son. They are not my friends. The Thai man is my husband's acquaintance. They are here to have a little holiday besides doing some work. How come I played host? My husband has gone to Penang. He has a pre-arranged plan with some friends to have a weekend in Penang, so I had to play host by myself.
Thank God it wasn't that bad. I took them to KLCC. I brought along Jonathan and Jeremy. We went to Aquaria, which was a good idea. They seemed impressed and truly enjoyed the marine life. My boys too enjoyed themselves of course. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the feeding of the ray fishes. One of the rays even swam up and we could actually touch it. Then the other thing they enjoyed was the tunnel where the fishes were swimming all around us and on top of us. We were fortunate as it was feeding time and we saw divers feeding the fishes, as well as catching the piranhas' eating frenzy when food was lowered into their tank. The last bit that they enjoyed was the theatre where we saw divers feeding the fishes literally right in front of us. I'm glad everyone had a good time.
Then we went for lunch at Kenny's Roasters. My kids, well, they are such pasta fans so I took them there so that they could have their mac and cheese. The Thai couple seemed to enjoy their lunch too. They commented that they do not have Kenny's in Thailand.
After lunch, we walked around and bought some things from Cold Storage. Then they decided to go shopping, so I took my boys for a walk and then we drove home. Frankly I don't usually drive out in KL. I got lost! Well, no big deal. We just went round and round a bit before I saw a signboard that says "Petaling Jaya". Soon we were home. I was just so tired I went straight for a nap!!! Getting old.
Well, tomorrow will be another day and I know it will be a good day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

.... and I thought we were a TEAM!

Today I felt a lot of anger. I was fuming mad at some people. Working as a team, we are supposed to communicate with one another. Not pushing and passing the buck here and there. It was super frustrating to have to do what is not MY job. It is even MORE frustrating when some people who were supposed to help did NOT do their jobs and the load gets passed to ME! I am one person doing HOW MANY PEOPLE'S JOB???? What was wrong with the whole picture anyway?
Firstly, the job passed to someone should have stayed passed to that particular person instead of being passed to someone else who had nothing to do with the work in the first place. People in the admin should have just stood their grounds and insist that the work be properly spread out.
Secondly, the person on whose lap the work fell on should have just said it very clearly that she would NOT do the work if she wasn't going to do it anyway. Say you can't / won't do it instead of letting the work rot, and wait for the deadline to appear. Then everyone goes scrambling because the work is not done. For goodnes' sake, I already offered to help if she could not handle the work. And she said nothing ... NOTHING until the deadline appeared today.
Thirdly, the original person who was supposed to do the work could at least have helped. I was going to help as well. Did she? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It wasn't HER job. Like it was MY job??? Hey, I was doing her work for her, and she just uttered that it wasn't her job! Oh pardon me ... how did it become MY job? Just because I have a clearer conscience about work, and have slightly better work ethics, it has become MY job? Hello .... what kind of logic is this?
The anger and frustration left the school with me. I went grocery shopping and I was still fuming mad. I came home and I was still breathing hard and having very fast pulse. I checked my blood pressure and it was UP.
I don't think in the last 13 years or so I have been in this school, have I ever been so angry about something and some people.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Like a teenager again

The last few days have been really something I am contented with. Hubby and I have been going out on our own a fair bit, even if it is just to the bank to bank in some money. Walking with him by my side, hand in hand, I felt like a teenager again. I felt like I was going out with my boyfriend all over again. And I felt very protected and safe with him. Although we do not always have time to go out on our own, I cherish the little time we have together. I hope that I will always have this feeling, of our relationship being special, all the time. And I hope that many of my young students will find this special relationship in their lives.