Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playing host

Today I played host to a Thai couple and their little son. They are not my friends. The Thai man is my husband's acquaintance. They are here to have a little holiday besides doing some work. How come I played host? My husband has gone to Penang. He has a pre-arranged plan with some friends to have a weekend in Penang, so I had to play host by myself.
Thank God it wasn't that bad. I took them to KLCC. I brought along Jonathan and Jeremy. We went to Aquaria, which was a good idea. They seemed impressed and truly enjoyed the marine life. My boys too enjoyed themselves of course. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the feeding of the ray fishes. One of the rays even swam up and we could actually touch it. Then the other thing they enjoyed was the tunnel where the fishes were swimming all around us and on top of us. We were fortunate as it was feeding time and we saw divers feeding the fishes, as well as catching the piranhas' eating frenzy when food was lowered into their tank. The last bit that they enjoyed was the theatre where we saw divers feeding the fishes literally right in front of us. I'm glad everyone had a good time.
Then we went for lunch at Kenny's Roasters. My kids, well, they are such pasta fans so I took them there so that they could have their mac and cheese. The Thai couple seemed to enjoy their lunch too. They commented that they do not have Kenny's in Thailand.
After lunch, we walked around and bought some things from Cold Storage. Then they decided to go shopping, so I took my boys for a walk and then we drove home. Frankly I don't usually drive out in KL. I got lost! Well, no big deal. We just went round and round a bit before I saw a signboard that says "Petaling Jaya". Soon we were home. I was just so tired I went straight for a nap!!! Getting old.
Well, tomorrow will be another day and I know it will be a good day.

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