Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The big four-oh

So I have joined the club. Puteri, you have some years to go. Well, I am there now. I have finished 4 decades of life. I'm now looking forward to maybe another four decades.
I had a pretty good day yesterday, with my buddies in celebrating the big day. We didn't go for a meal, since some of them were fasting. Instead we went to a fish spa! I think I enjoyed the laughters we had more that the fish cleaning our dead skin! The squeals and all were hilarious. If only our students saw/heard them ... no, not me ... they would have had a super duper time laughing. Well, four of us were there, dipping our feet in the pools and having tiny fishes nibbling on our feet. It was a luxury to be able to do that. Seldom do we find the time to relax like that. We then went for a demo of a therapy to smoothen our feet. After the demo treatment, we decided to just go ahead and had the full treatment. So now we have almost baby smooth skin on our legs and feet!!! Then I went on and bought myself some Estee Lauder lipsticks. Another treat for myself. Already got a new handphone from hubby, which I am happy about. And I got a nice purse from my buddies. And some other gifts. The best surprise was when I got home and was greeted by my son who told me I had a surprise from my sis-in-law and family, in Australia. Well, they sent me a super BIG basket of flowers and chocolates delivered by the florist. Wow. That really made my day. And later, hubby and I went for supper (his dinner). So it was a nice day for me indeed. All the more reason to look forward to many more years, God willing.


Tobiyama said...

Dear Christina jiejie,

Happy Belated Birthday To You~~~
This is your week~
Have a great & meaningful week, that will carry a renew impetus with lots of positive energies through the future~

No present for you, but will be most glad to help you spring clean your working desk in bilik guru~


Chris said...

You want to spring clean MY table? Good luck! You'll need it.