Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Latest happenings

I have been very lazy to blog. Mainly it is because I have been busy. My family ended up with chicken pox recently and it was one after another. From Jeremy to hubby to Joel. It was not really that bad for me but it was a bit stressful. Joel is finally going to school tomorrow. I have enjoyed having him around, though I have not been spending that much time with him.
Catching up with work after Cheer 2010 is also stressful. Not easy getting back to "normal mundane work". Just as the girls undergo withdawal from the lack of cheer goals, I also suffer from that. But then I still have lots of cheer related work to do.
I have yet to get the cheque from The Star for Best Showmanship. I have yet to get the cheque from a certain company. I had to make so many calls and text messages just to get their letter. So it has been stressful.
I have been avoiding going to school and doing any school related work on weekdends. Just too much to bear because I have been working most Saturdays. Too tired to work another Saturday again.
Now I am busy with planning or helping to plan the D*starz party. Sigh. I am such a sucker for work sometimes.
I am feeling a little lethargic. Too much to try to finish. Magazine work to complete. Money business. Too many things on my mind.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pictures of D*starz in action

The photos are in no particular order. Just random photos I found on the internet.

Like a mother's heart that was swelling with pride

Cheer 2010 has come and gone. The days, nay, weeks leading to it was maddening. There was so much to do, and there were dramas all around. Not only did my girls have to practise and perfect their routine, we all had to go round seeling tshirts and making sure we don't make a loss. I personally had plenty to do as well, coordinating various things and making sure the squad accounts is properly kept. Enough about me, it's not about me.
Much as I want to write about all that happened during the two days, I will not. What I will do is to state how proud I was with my girls. To have come to the championship and score 3 different awards, and just missing on another two awards, it was unbelievable. Getting Top 5 was something we only dared to hope. When it turned into a reality, we could only cry and be thankful that we had braved the storms on the way there. I don't know about them, but I am grateful for all the help and encouragement we have had. I am especially grateful for some friends who have been there to help me keep my sanity in the midst of the busy work schedule and deadlines. They are also the same ones who actually turned up during the competition with their children in tow. Love you lots, ladies. I am also grateful for some parents who have played a role in helping the team. They have done all that I could ever ask for. Thanks, ladies, and some gentelmen too. Thanks, to the coaches who have spent their time and energy to train the girls. Yes, we pay them, but they were instrumental in bringing the team's spirit up and their skills much improved. Thanks, to a group of people who are often not seen as important, but they really are. These are the reserves. They are part of the team. They were around to stand in every time some others were unable to be there. Personally, I'd like to thank my wonderful colleague who is my "partner-in-crime" as advisor. She may be quiet and not as gregarious as me, but she does a splendid job organizing things and doing all the necessary work that I am terrible at - like paper work!
Most of all, I thank ALL the girls themselves, for giving me the opportunity to be associated with a team of winners - national cheer dance champions, and 5th placing in Cheer 2010. All the tears and hard work have been worth it. I said I'd see you at the top, and we are there. Now, to prepare for the next year, that's another chapter of the story.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

We have heard of this often enough. Perhaps some may find this to be something hard to believe. For me, and for some of my friends, this saying is something very true. All of us are worked off our feet and we were feeling extremely knackered and a little down. Frustration abounds and problems are aplenty. Yet when we got together to chill, to watch each other make fools of ourselves, to have a simple meal together and just LAUGH, all that bothered us seemed to melt away, at least for the time we were busy laughing. It was indeed a balm for the tired soul that we just laughed away our blues. Thanks, my dear buddies, for the time together, for the laughters we had and just the wonderful previlege of one another's company.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weighed down but not out

The phrase "down and out" for me is non-existent. I am down but NOT out. I am swamped with plenty to do. I have come to the stage where I need to hide so that people do not pile work on me and interrupt whatever work I am trying to complete. It has been tiring trying to do what I do and doing them well. I am still struggling. I do feel guilty that I am late in handing in some work. And I do feel bad that I am not up to expectations. But as I keep reminding myself, and those who care to listen, I AM NOT A MACHINE. I cannot work 24/7 and I cannot do without rest. I cannot always be expected to work on Saturdays when most civil servants don't, at all. So I am trying to chill and not be overly stressed.
The month of July is extremely busy for me. I hope and pray that I will be able to survive unscathed. I need help and I hope those who can, will help.