Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheer 09

With drama over, I am going to put in my time and energy for Cheer 09, specifically for team D*starz! On Wednesday we are going to have Cheer Clinic at the Dewan Kelana, Kelana Jaya. It will be a sneak preview to what the other teams have prepared. Not that anyone is going to reveal anything.
So everyone, rally around and get ready to support D*starz in Cheer 09 this year. Come prepared with D*starz supporters shirts (or any bright orange shirt, if you don't have one), and D*starz fans (soon to be sold), and banners and whatever you can prepare. The girls need your support, they need all the screams you can give. And do forgive me if I am still blur. I promise next week I will be back to normal, well, as normal as I can get!!!


It was a wonderful experience seeing everyone happy and truly celebrating the success of the drama. After all the hard work and time / energy put in, we were all feted to a satay-pizza party. We even had fake champagne ... sparkling juice actually. But it gave the atmosphere of a true celebration. Thanks to the school admin for giving us the party. There was so much food that we all had to pack food home!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It turned out to be an exciting dream-turned-reality

The tiredness, the time spent waiting, the anxiety, the frustrations, the fear, the venting, the frayed nerves and all ... it was worth it. The dream we were all planning, did indeed become a reality. It did not turn into a nightmare as feared. We all worked hard and we all had moments when we didn't think it would become something we would be proud of. But we all did it.
From the beginning, things did not turn out well. There were too many things that were not in our control. There were dissatisfactions, and many grouses. There were complaints and various problems came up : from the budget to the cast to the crew to the technical things. And in spite of all the negatives, we have all passed the hurdles and we have finished the race. And I am proud to have been in that race, in that team that finished the race.
My first word of thanks would be to someone who HAD that dream. We were fearful, from last year, that she would have this dream -to stage a musical. But like it or not, she wanted it. And we worked at it. And she believed in us. Thanks, Pn A.
Next is the teaching staff who is the backbone of the team. Many thanks to Sib for believing in me. I almost died when I saw my job spec. But you had faith in me. Thanks. Thanks to my group of friends (Put, Sue, Poh Lee) who kept me sane - we kept each other sane (we had so much laughter together while waiting and all). To the rest of the teachers, good job! Special mention of Pn Sab and Pn Marina for the wonderful job on makeup! I'm sure they will get bookings for wedding makeup from now on!!!
Moving on, thanks to the CREW! I had a wonderful team of people who made the work look effortless. I had faith in my team and they rewarded me with a job well done. Thanks Su Wei for being the leader and making everything happen. You did a splendid job with the rest of the crew. You also helped with the cast members' needs. You went beyond what was required and we are all grateful. Thanks also, Millie, for being a part of the crew. You helped a lot, just by being around and watching how things were going. I know you were bored that first day you came by yourself. To the rest of the crew ... you deserve a pat on the back, even Toofie, who almost didn't make it.
Choreographers!!! You people were roped in at the very last minute and you did a splendid job making the cast members look good on stage.Thanks for being willing helpers although it was such a last minute decision. And in the short time, you transformed the cast into almost capable dancers. And you taught them to relax and not be so stiff. Thanks, girls.
Choir members ... you all did a good job. Though things started out strange because you didn't know how many songs you were supposed to sing and all, things worked out fine. And your role as a support to the cast cannot be undermined. Without you, the cast would have had a super hard time singing all the songs.
The orchestra is truly deserving of a mention here. All of you were very professional in your work. You did your best and you showed everyone why the SA Orchestra is so popular. I made a comment at the beginning, asking if the orchestra could really play some of the songs. Well, you proved that you COULD! You all worked well together and sounded wonderful. You couldn't imagine all of us backstage dancing and swaying and jumping to the music you played. But we did.
The cast ... you all did a great job! In spite of all the problems we faced initially, you have all risen to the occasion and proven that SA girls are more than capable. Some of you managed to cause some of us to be awe-struck. Kudos to you. We shall all wait for the DVDs to come out and you can see for yourself what you have achieved. Great job, Iman, Kalpana (I'm so glad you learned to have better posture! LOL about the exercise we had), Farah Idayu, Hsu Ven, Chloe, Amanda, Elisha, Kai, Shorolipi, Christine, Nik, Elsa, Azrene, Azrena, Puteri, Natasyah, Angeline, Natasha, Fifi, Ain ... I don't know whom I am missing. Well done, all.
The 3 gentlemen : Mr Chin, En Radzali and Melvin ... thanks for your efforts and putting up with the SA girls!!! As well as SA teachers!!! I hope it will not be the last time we work together.
To the other people who made it possible, many thanks. Special mention of Pn Sarina Abdullah. Who? She is the one who had provided all the food for the 3 days we were at Civics Centre. She and her dear husband and daughter (hi Alia), made sure we all had nice and healthy food for the 3 days. I appreciate the excitement you showed and enthusiasm you displayed.
So this one show is over. There will be other shows, in future.
Thank you all, for the music and songs and sweet memories.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A glimmer

Bear with me a few more days. I'm still at it with drama. Well, today was pretty good. Didn't start out that great but improved as the day passed. Some people still have problems with a few things. But we see improvement. And I am proud of my crew. Everyone seems to be able to work together well. Now everyone knows why I insisted on keeping my crew leader! Keep it up, girls.
Anyway, yes, there is improvement. The singing has improved. The acting has also improved. The orchestra has been consistently doing well. The choir is also catching up with the added responsibility. The cast is seeing and feeling the flow of the scenes. And those of us involved all agree, we see a glimmer of hope.
One comment that I have though is that I think SA teachers have a higher expectation of our students than other people. Come what may, we always believe our students can always do better. So, prove us right.

Waiting ...

Waiting is not an easy thing to do. I dislike waiting. That's one reason I try not to make anyone wait for me. But I end up waiting a lot. Waiting for my kids to get ready. Waiting for my students who want me to pick them up. Waiting for people who said they'd be here at a particular time. It is tiresome and tiring to wait. People end up wasting a lot of time and energy while waiting. But wait, I must.
This drama production is a lot about waiting. We wait for one another to be ready. We wait for people to arrive. We wait for the food to arrive. We wait for the money that we are supposed to get to put up the production. We wait .................
Now I am waiting for the practice to go into full swing. And I hope that all the waiting is worth it. We shall all be as patient as possible while waiting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Taking care of the stage elements and the welfare of the cast and crew is no joke. I am tired just planning what to do. And I have been doing the job the last few days. Today I pretty much left the stage management to Su Wei and did mainly the welfare job. I had to make sure everyone is fed and that there is enough food and water for everyone. Running around for that is tiring. My body is protesting. I have a headache and I feel like I am falling sick. I cannot afford to fall sick at this point in time. Lord, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Today we had all three groups together. It was not as smooth as everyone had hoped. But it was promising. Although things looked almost disastrous at one point, everyone seems to be finally communicating what they want done.
Let's have everyone talking and discussing what needs to be done. Then we can move on and make sure that we do what is needful at the right time.
My immediate concern is that everyone arrives early, and prepare to start their practices. Let's all work together and make the drama production that Sri Aman can be proud of. No matter how much you have to complain about, just do your best and forget your hesitations and worries. Let's make "I have a dream" something all of us can really be proud of.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm getting a nightmare instead

I am frustrated. I don't know what some people are thinking. We, the teachers are already bending over backwards with all the time and energy spent on the drama production. We lose our weekends, we are in school countless hours to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Many of the students are doing the same. And yet some people just cannot work together to make our dream a reality (quoting Pn A). It's turning into a nightmare of sorts.
Firstly, the problem of punctuality, or lack of it. Some people are so tardy althought they know the whole team is waiting for them. Nothing runs without them and they do not feel anything about being not just late but SUPER late.
Secondly, they don't realise that because we have 3 major groups that need to work together, they need to discuss and agree on when and how they will come together. Instead they are wasting many people's time waiting for something to do. If you are not ready, just say it. Don't let everyone wait for you and look stupid. They can always find something else to do while waiting.
Thirdly, the attitude of being a maestro is getting on my nerves. These people are obviously good in their respective fields. But can't they just keep that aside and find a way to work TOGETHER so that the rest of us can have a peaceful night's sleep instead of worrying when they are going to be able to "galvanise"? They need to talk to one another and agree on a work schedule instead of each doing his own thing.
Yes, yes ... I know. Chill! But I am this close to throwing things at them. So cast and crew ... be prepared. We might have to work through the night on Thursday and Friday next week!! Or else it WILL turn into a nightmare.

I have a dream

Just as the late Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, most people have their own dream. The school has a dream - the dream to become a centre of excellence not only academically but also in performing arts. The principal has a dream, and that is to turn this school into an exemplary school in all the positive aspects. She looks at the academics as well as non-academics. She can be ambitious, yes. But that is what makes us all want to improve. To be better than we have ever thought possible.
And so I have a dream too.
I have a dream - that the younger generation will appreciate what it means to work hard and not consider it their RIGHT to get something. It would be wonderful if they learn that just because you want something, you will get it. Or that just because they work hard, they DESERVE it. There is no such thing as having a right to something just because you work hard. There might be others who work harder than you and are more deserving than you.
I have a dream - that the teens of today will grow up to become enviable and respected leaders of tomorrow. At their young age, they are beign groomed in so many aspects. We put a lot of hope on them. Some are already showing potential and promise. Some are lagging behind a little. I pray that they see themselves growing up to become people who are important, not because they think they are important, but because they do things which are meaningful and beneficial for the good of many.
I have a dream - that the youngsters who have crossed our paths will remember who they are, their roots and the people who have had a hand in building their characters. Let them not be ungrateful people who think they are successful on their own merits only.
I have a dream - that in future, people, especially parents, will see that academics is NOT all that matters; that the school is not only a place for their children to study the subjects in class, or a place where they place their children safely because they have to go to work, where all that matters is how many As their children obtain in the chase for academic excellence. It would be a wonderful picture to paint, when people (everyone, really) realises that education and learning is about the building of character, improving one's knowledge as well as how to handle growing up. It would be nice ... desirable, if the powers-that-be also understand how difficult it is to actually educate generations of youngsters.
I have a dream - that we can go back to being less rigid about classroom learning. I want to be able to take my students to experience and explore. I want to open their eyes to more than just book. I want them to know the world out there, not just the world of books and the cyber-world. I would love for them to experience some reality - what it means to be a citizen of the world. I want them to know why they learn things like history and why some people are prominent in history. They need to know and appreciate why we have what we have now. Let nothing be handed over to them on a silver platter and they lose that sense of necessity to strive and work hard.
I have a dream - that we all learn not to be so selfish. It is not all about ME, MYSELF AND I! How beautiful the world will be if everyone just stops being calculative and only focuses on their own contributions, forgetting that there are plenty of other people who also make contributions in their own capacities.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beware the angry tigress

When I was a little girl, my relatives used to give me nicknames to indicate how fierce and outspoken I was. I was always very vocal as a little girl. The fact that my language skills were good added to that.
The last 2 days I have been playing bad cop in a "good cop, bad cop" situation. I have been scolding and pretty much knocked some people on their heads for their lack of commitment or maturity or just plain wrong attitude. I know. I am NOT the director, nor shall I snatch that away from the man himself. But I have been involved in the production and frankly, I am beginning to lose whatever patience and fondness I used to have for some people. They have been stepping on my toes and my tail and it is just a matter of time before I blow up on them. Just watch me. If you are reading this, buck up and grow up. Get past the things you don't like and move on. And show some respect for some people who are old enough to be your grandfather, who has been in theatre long before your parents were born.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I didn't get the scholarship

So I will not be going for further studies. A friend was worried in case I was devastated. But I wasn't. I was disappointed in a way, but not sad or anything like that. I WAS looking forward to spending more time with my kids and doing research. But it is ok. I will continue to do what I can in whatever job I am in. No worries.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Drama work mode

We're into the last 10 days of practices. School has just reopened and I can feel the stress of work already. Today was rather fruitful if I may say so myself.
Firstly we got a team of choreographers to help the actresses to find their steps. I am grateful that these girls have agreed to help at such notice. I'm afraid they will be disappointed if they expect tickets. Sigh. Even teachers don't get tickets. But I am glad there are some people to help the actresses to look less stiff on the stage when singing. From tomorrow dance sessions will be from 8:30 to 9:30. Not much time but a lot better than we had hoped.
Secondly we got the songs sorted out. We dropped some songs. It was rather ridiculous having 24 songs. The drama would last 3 hours with so many songs. And I have been able to sort out who is doing what and who is singing what. Hopefully the music director is able to finish preparing the scores and the orchestra can pick up the songs quickly.
Then my crew members started work today and they learned to move things around and Mr Chin looked a lot happier. He can finally get some people to move things physically and actually tell people what to do. On top of that his friend who does sound and lights also came and he was keen for him to do the sound and light for us.
Of course, attendance was great since we started work at 10 am. We could actually see a progression from scene to scene. The cast has to work on their singing and dancing though.
And most importantly the executive producer is back in school and things can run more smoothly. I know I will be walking, talking, sleeping and eating nothing but drama for the 2 weeks but at least I know we are now ready for the last lap.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I am glad to know that amongst those whom I have criticized for their lack of responsibility and commitment, there are those who have the kind of maturity that I am proud of. I am glad for the few who have committed themselves to what they have planned. Some have sacrificed a lot fo time and personal interests to do what they are supposed to do. This holiday has not been much of a holiday to some people. They have turned up in school for days for various reasons. And one thing I am sure of is this : IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO, IT DOESN'T BECOME A CHORE! For that reason alone, you will be responsible for whatever duty you have been given. You will make sure no one is unfairly victimized by you in any way (like when you are not around and that affects the team as a whole). You will ensure that if something urgent has come up, you will inform the people concerned beforehand ... WITH SINCERE APOLOGIES! You will not so easily promise and break that promise. And most importantly, you will give it your all .... well, as much as you can give anyway.
Yes I am talking about maturity in thinking, in personality. I give credit to some of you who have been mature enough to view things from various points, and not just jump into conclusions or be judgemental. It is very easy to give lip service when you're not involved. Unfortunately, this is not the case with people who are running out of time and there is an urgency to do what is needed. I am thankful for the young lady who has designed the graphics for the poster in the one night we talked about it. I am also thankful for the few young ladies who have helped with the little time left to do the poster. Thanks also to those who have been helping in various ways, and finding out that some people are VERY difficult to please. Thanks for your patience. Thanks to some people who have been working hard to make sure the things they do come out tops. Lastly, thanks to all those who are truly working with the spirit of the school in their hearts. And I am not just talking about the drama. Go figure it out yourself if you fit into the descriptions above.
On a different note, I'd just like to mention that I love being where I am. Yes I complain and all, but I love what I do and I love being where I am ... not just specifically but also generally. For some of you who constantly complain about things ... the system, the leaders, the administrators, the guardians, etc ... do not think that the grass is always greener on the other side. Very often, it is not.
And finally, I have to say this to a colleague .... soon to be ex-colleague : Farewell, and I hope that you will adjust well in your new school. Bring the flame of your enthusiasm there, and don't let anyone douse that flame. Your absence here will be felt and it will be challenging to fill that void.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I don't know what to title this

I felt rather upset today. I was upset with some people who expressed very privately how they thought other people did not do a good job at some things and they could do better. I was upset because these came out of the hearts and minds of teenagers, not even adults. And I fear what will happen when these teenagers grow up and think they are God's gift to mankind. Sri Aman has never been much of a problem when it comes to self-confidence. And I think this might just be the problem.
For one, we have students who think the world of themselves and others are beneath them. I was already irritated from some time earlier when some of them thought that the drama was beneath them - that they are too talented for a "school drama". Yes, for those of you not in the know, there were some of these people. And so, these people did not audition. It was frustrating when we knew that we had many talents and yet most of them did not bother.
So when the drama finally got going, it was so obvious that some people should have been in it. But since they were not, so be it. Life has to go on. THEN we had people who commented that our cast is a little less able than capable. True! But people who did not want to be involved have NO right whatsoever to make that kind of comment.
Then, it was the posters / banners / flyers / whatever involved graphics. So the graphics are not the best that can be produced. But it was the best considering that we had so little time left. People who ARE talented in this did NOT offer their services. They did NOT give idea and certainly did NOTHING to make things better. So SHUT UP! Why do these people have to say things like "The poster is ugly / lousy / whatever negative words"? Yeah, if they could have done better, they should have OFFERED to do it .... much earlier. Not when everything is printed and ready for distribution. Not when some other people have spent countless hours trying to do a good job ... a thankless job.
Practices .... this is another issue. Some people just cannot find it in their hearts to commit to the drama practices. One day they're there, another day they're not. They arrive late. They leave early. They don't turn up. I may not be directly involved at this point. But I know. I poke my head in every now and then. And I know who has been missing practices. Same old people. Where is the commitment? When someone fusses about it, or scolds the girls, the ones who need the scolding are the ones not there to get it. How can anyone expect the drama TEAM to work well together ... TOGETHER ... if certain members keep staying away? This is a disease I find VERY serious in SA. I have seen it in almost every group and club/association there is. Ask the orchestra, ask the cheerleaders, ask the choir, the prefects even. What is wrong with these people?
We, the teachers, are VERY fearful. Although we pat each other on the back and say "It'll be all right", we are afraid. This drama project is one of the most expensive projects the school is having. Money is being spent on lots of things. The venue is going to cost an arm and a leg. The lightings and sound systems will be another big expenditure. The food to feed the cast and crew is also no joke. The props, the transport for human beings and things, the printing of tickets, posters and banners. The fees for the drama director, the music director, the singing director. The money that will be spent on various things. I wonder if the students can even imagine how massive this project is. And all these is for ... the school ... the students. Certainly NOT for the teachers. We are already very bogged down with so many things to do, why look for more work?
This is very frustrating indeed. Can someone tell me what we are supposed to do????

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Imprisoned in my own home

Day 2 of house painting and I am feeling like an imprisoned jailbird. Well, that is a super exaggeration. In a sense it is like being imprisoned or quarantined in my own home. My family and I have to be confined to certain parts of the house that are not being painted or generally being worked on by the electricians. It has been boring and it is a challenge keeping the kids occupied. So I have been giving them a large dose of videos to keep them occupied. Bad, I know. I am just too lazy to do anything else, esp if I have to clean up after them later. I need them out of the house!! Like that is possible without me. With my other half going to Taiwan tomorrow, it will be even more challenging. I don't want to leave the domestic help at home with the 3 painters who are her countrymen. So I have to be at home. This means, so do my 3 kids. AAAARGH!

Friday, June 5, 2009


My house is going to be a mess soon. I mean a bigger mess than it usually is!! Starting tomorrow, the painters will come and start painting the house. The electrician will start doing various things that need to be done. Home improvement but not the DIY kind. Am getting a headache just thinking of all the mess and dust and smell. What am I going to do with my boys? Where am I going to put them? Maybe I'll just transfer them from room to room depending on which room is not being painted, or has dried. Or I'll take them somewhere a couple of hours a day just so that they don't get in the way. Mum is going to freak out with all the mess. Guaranteed! But it is a good thing. The improvements I'm planning are a long-awaited thing. I hope hubby does not freak out with the colours I have chosen for the walls!!! This is going to be funny. Greenish walls in the living room. Purplish walls in the kitchen. Blue walls in my boys' room. Pinkish walls in mum's room and guest room. Brownish walls in my room. I can just imagine what will happen when I tell hubby tonight!!! And he is going to faint when I tell him how much everything is going to cost!!!! At least project house painting is on. Rewiring is on. Next project is Project Curtain and Curtain Rails!!! Then maybe Project Furniture!!! Well, maybe end of the year or early next year. Anybody wants to help babysit 3 boys next week?????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a day!!!

Today has been a tiring day - full of acitivities. Firstly I took Joel to a Child Development Specialist to have him evaluated for his delayed development, especially in speaking. I was worried. Somehow, he was showing signs of autism. There were symptoms which we could detect. It has been a source of anxiety for me. Spending one hour there with Dr Rajini, she finally said that she didn't think he was autistic. Yippee!!! Yes he has some developmental disorder causing the delay but he is NOT autistic!!! What a wonderful news to me! I am really happy for Joel. But it also means we all have to work harder to help him to communicate better. And he will be seeing a speech therapist soon.
After the session there, I had a house painter come to the house to have a look and later give a quotation for painting the house. This is going to cost MONEY!!! We looked at the house and planned on making some improvements to the house.
From there I went to school for cheer practice. Someone was absent again. Then some girls went home with me, and from there, we picked up Jonathan and Jeremy and we went to Sunway Pyramid. We had lunch at Bubba Gump's. Then movies ... Monsters vs Aliens. Then some grub at Old Town. And we were off to buy make up for D*starz - well, Megan and me, and my boys!!! Managed to spend about RM250 on various types of make up items. By then I was realllly tired.And I still had to meet up with the Tshirt man, so we headed back to my house at about 6:30. Trisher's parents came to pick them up a about 7:45. For an hour or so, what did they do? Take more photos and tried out the make up!!! We had a lot of laughs, esp seeing how ONE particlar person tried to put on lipstick and all!!! Haha!!
At about 9pm, the tshirt man finally came and I was able to pass the jackets to him plus explain a bit about the tshirts for drama.
So .... it has been a long day. And it was tiring. Didn't know spending time with teenage girls can be so tiring!!! LOL. But it was a nice day, enjoyable and an eye-opener for me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Taking a break with the family

Just came back from Penang a few hours ago. I needed a break from school before going back to the craziness of things. I could feel myself losing my sanity. So this was a nice break, 2 weekends of just enjoying my family. Among other things.

Teacher's Day Celebration

Nothing much to say ... just a few photos for everyone's enjoyment. I am waiting to see a clear video of the performance though!!!!

I had a good time preparing for this and it was fun while it lasted. I just wasn't all into it once it was over. Emo time, as usual.