Sunday, June 7, 2009

Imprisoned in my own home

Day 2 of house painting and I am feeling like an imprisoned jailbird. Well, that is a super exaggeration. In a sense it is like being imprisoned or quarantined in my own home. My family and I have to be confined to certain parts of the house that are not being painted or generally being worked on by the electricians. It has been boring and it is a challenge keeping the kids occupied. So I have been giving them a large dose of videos to keep them occupied. Bad, I know. I am just too lazy to do anything else, esp if I have to clean up after them later. I need them out of the house!! Like that is possible without me. With my other half going to Taiwan tomorrow, it will be even more challenging. I don't want to leave the domestic help at home with the 3 painters who are her countrymen. So I have to be at home. This means, so do my 3 kids. AAAARGH!

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