Sunday, June 28, 2009

It turned out to be an exciting dream-turned-reality

The tiredness, the time spent waiting, the anxiety, the frustrations, the fear, the venting, the frayed nerves and all ... it was worth it. The dream we were all planning, did indeed become a reality. It did not turn into a nightmare as feared. We all worked hard and we all had moments when we didn't think it would become something we would be proud of. But we all did it.
From the beginning, things did not turn out well. There were too many things that were not in our control. There were dissatisfactions, and many grouses. There were complaints and various problems came up : from the budget to the cast to the crew to the technical things. And in spite of all the negatives, we have all passed the hurdles and we have finished the race. And I am proud to have been in that race, in that team that finished the race.
My first word of thanks would be to someone who HAD that dream. We were fearful, from last year, that she would have this dream -to stage a musical. But like it or not, she wanted it. And we worked at it. And she believed in us. Thanks, Pn A.
Next is the teaching staff who is the backbone of the team. Many thanks to Sib for believing in me. I almost died when I saw my job spec. But you had faith in me. Thanks. Thanks to my group of friends (Put, Sue, Poh Lee) who kept me sane - we kept each other sane (we had so much laughter together while waiting and all). To the rest of the teachers, good job! Special mention of Pn Sab and Pn Marina for the wonderful job on makeup! I'm sure they will get bookings for wedding makeup from now on!!!
Moving on, thanks to the CREW! I had a wonderful team of people who made the work look effortless. I had faith in my team and they rewarded me with a job well done. Thanks Su Wei for being the leader and making everything happen. You did a splendid job with the rest of the crew. You also helped with the cast members' needs. You went beyond what was required and we are all grateful. Thanks also, Millie, for being a part of the crew. You helped a lot, just by being around and watching how things were going. I know you were bored that first day you came by yourself. To the rest of the crew ... you deserve a pat on the back, even Toofie, who almost didn't make it.
Choreographers!!! You people were roped in at the very last minute and you did a splendid job making the cast members look good on stage.Thanks for being willing helpers although it was such a last minute decision. And in the short time, you transformed the cast into almost capable dancers. And you taught them to relax and not be so stiff. Thanks, girls.
Choir members ... you all did a good job. Though things started out strange because you didn't know how many songs you were supposed to sing and all, things worked out fine. And your role as a support to the cast cannot be undermined. Without you, the cast would have had a super hard time singing all the songs.
The orchestra is truly deserving of a mention here. All of you were very professional in your work. You did your best and you showed everyone why the SA Orchestra is so popular. I made a comment at the beginning, asking if the orchestra could really play some of the songs. Well, you proved that you COULD! You all worked well together and sounded wonderful. You couldn't imagine all of us backstage dancing and swaying and jumping to the music you played. But we did.
The cast ... you all did a great job! In spite of all the problems we faced initially, you have all risen to the occasion and proven that SA girls are more than capable. Some of you managed to cause some of us to be awe-struck. Kudos to you. We shall all wait for the DVDs to come out and you can see for yourself what you have achieved. Great job, Iman, Kalpana (I'm so glad you learned to have better posture! LOL about the exercise we had), Farah Idayu, Hsu Ven, Chloe, Amanda, Elisha, Kai, Shorolipi, Christine, Nik, Elsa, Azrene, Azrena, Puteri, Natasyah, Angeline, Natasha, Fifi, Ain ... I don't know whom I am missing. Well done, all.
The 3 gentlemen : Mr Chin, En Radzali and Melvin ... thanks for your efforts and putting up with the SA girls!!! As well as SA teachers!!! I hope it will not be the last time we work together.
To the other people who made it possible, many thanks. Special mention of Pn Sarina Abdullah. Who? She is the one who had provided all the food for the 3 days we were at Civics Centre. She and her dear husband and daughter (hi Alia), made sure we all had nice and healthy food for the 3 days. I appreciate the excitement you showed and enthusiasm you displayed.
So this one show is over. There will be other shows, in future.
Thank you all, for the music and songs and sweet memories.

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