Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I don't know what to title this

I felt rather upset today. I was upset with some people who expressed very privately how they thought other people did not do a good job at some things and they could do better. I was upset because these came out of the hearts and minds of teenagers, not even adults. And I fear what will happen when these teenagers grow up and think they are God's gift to mankind. Sri Aman has never been much of a problem when it comes to self-confidence. And I think this might just be the problem.
For one, we have students who think the world of themselves and others are beneath them. I was already irritated from some time earlier when some of them thought that the drama was beneath them - that they are too talented for a "school drama". Yes, for those of you not in the know, there were some of these people. And so, these people did not audition. It was frustrating when we knew that we had many talents and yet most of them did not bother.
So when the drama finally got going, it was so obvious that some people should have been in it. But since they were not, so be it. Life has to go on. THEN we had people who commented that our cast is a little less able than capable. True! But people who did not want to be involved have NO right whatsoever to make that kind of comment.
Then, it was the posters / banners / flyers / whatever involved graphics. So the graphics are not the best that can be produced. But it was the best considering that we had so little time left. People who ARE talented in this did NOT offer their services. They did NOT give idea and certainly did NOTHING to make things better. So SHUT UP! Why do these people have to say things like "The poster is ugly / lousy / whatever negative words"? Yeah, if they could have done better, they should have OFFERED to do it .... much earlier. Not when everything is printed and ready for distribution. Not when some other people have spent countless hours trying to do a good job ... a thankless job.
Practices .... this is another issue. Some people just cannot find it in their hearts to commit to the drama practices. One day they're there, another day they're not. They arrive late. They leave early. They don't turn up. I may not be directly involved at this point. But I know. I poke my head in every now and then. And I know who has been missing practices. Same old people. Where is the commitment? When someone fusses about it, or scolds the girls, the ones who need the scolding are the ones not there to get it. How can anyone expect the drama TEAM to work well together ... TOGETHER ... if certain members keep staying away? This is a disease I find VERY serious in SA. I have seen it in almost every group and club/association there is. Ask the orchestra, ask the cheerleaders, ask the choir, the prefects even. What is wrong with these people?
We, the teachers, are VERY fearful. Although we pat each other on the back and say "It'll be all right", we are afraid. This drama project is one of the most expensive projects the school is having. Money is being spent on lots of things. The venue is going to cost an arm and a leg. The lightings and sound systems will be another big expenditure. The food to feed the cast and crew is also no joke. The props, the transport for human beings and things, the printing of tickets, posters and banners. The fees for the drama director, the music director, the singing director. The money that will be spent on various things. I wonder if the students can even imagine how massive this project is. And all these is for ... the school ... the students. Certainly NOT for the teachers. We are already very bogged down with so many things to do, why look for more work?
This is very frustrating indeed. Can someone tell me what we are supposed to do????


jeeneze said...

Just do your best and be happy with the outcome be it the good or bad. Pat yourself for the good ones and laugh off the bad ones. Don't let anyone make you upset? Happiness is in your hands. Have fun!

Chris said...

Thanks, Jeeneze. You know how it is. People can irritate you to no end sometimes and you just have to get it off your chest. Yeah well, that was me. I am ok. no worries.