Monday, June 15, 2009

Drama work mode

We're into the last 10 days of practices. School has just reopened and I can feel the stress of work already. Today was rather fruitful if I may say so myself.
Firstly we got a team of choreographers to help the actresses to find their steps. I am grateful that these girls have agreed to help at such notice. I'm afraid they will be disappointed if they expect tickets. Sigh. Even teachers don't get tickets. But I am glad there are some people to help the actresses to look less stiff on the stage when singing. From tomorrow dance sessions will be from 8:30 to 9:30. Not much time but a lot better than we had hoped.
Secondly we got the songs sorted out. We dropped some songs. It was rather ridiculous having 24 songs. The drama would last 3 hours with so many songs. And I have been able to sort out who is doing what and who is singing what. Hopefully the music director is able to finish preparing the scores and the orchestra can pick up the songs quickly.
Then my crew members started work today and they learned to move things around and Mr Chin looked a lot happier. He can finally get some people to move things physically and actually tell people what to do. On top of that his friend who does sound and lights also came and he was keen for him to do the sound and light for us.
Of course, attendance was great since we started work at 10 am. We could actually see a progression from scene to scene. The cast has to work on their singing and dancing though.
And most importantly the executive producer is back in school and things can run more smoothly. I know I will be walking, talking, sleeping and eating nothing but drama for the 2 weeks but at least I know we are now ready for the last lap.

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