Friday, June 5, 2009


My house is going to be a mess soon. I mean a bigger mess than it usually is!! Starting tomorrow, the painters will come and start painting the house. The electrician will start doing various things that need to be done. Home improvement but not the DIY kind. Am getting a headache just thinking of all the mess and dust and smell. What am I going to do with my boys? Where am I going to put them? Maybe I'll just transfer them from room to room depending on which room is not being painted, or has dried. Or I'll take them somewhere a couple of hours a day just so that they don't get in the way. Mum is going to freak out with all the mess. Guaranteed! But it is a good thing. The improvements I'm planning are a long-awaited thing. I hope hubby does not freak out with the colours I have chosen for the walls!!! This is going to be funny. Greenish walls in the living room. Purplish walls in the kitchen. Blue walls in my boys' room. Pinkish walls in mum's room and guest room. Brownish walls in my room. I can just imagine what will happen when I tell hubby tonight!!! And he is going to faint when I tell him how much everything is going to cost!!!! At least project house painting is on. Rewiring is on. Next project is Project Curtain and Curtain Rails!!! Then maybe Project Furniture!!! Well, maybe end of the year or early next year. Anybody wants to help babysit 3 boys next week?????

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