Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have a dream

Just as the late Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, most people have their own dream. The school has a dream - the dream to become a centre of excellence not only academically but also in performing arts. The principal has a dream, and that is to turn this school into an exemplary school in all the positive aspects. She looks at the academics as well as non-academics. She can be ambitious, yes. But that is what makes us all want to improve. To be better than we have ever thought possible.
And so I have a dream too.
I have a dream - that the younger generation will appreciate what it means to work hard and not consider it their RIGHT to get something. It would be wonderful if they learn that just because you want something, you will get it. Or that just because they work hard, they DESERVE it. There is no such thing as having a right to something just because you work hard. There might be others who work harder than you and are more deserving than you.
I have a dream - that the teens of today will grow up to become enviable and respected leaders of tomorrow. At their young age, they are beign groomed in so many aspects. We put a lot of hope on them. Some are already showing potential and promise. Some are lagging behind a little. I pray that they see themselves growing up to become people who are important, not because they think they are important, but because they do things which are meaningful and beneficial for the good of many.
I have a dream - that the youngsters who have crossed our paths will remember who they are, their roots and the people who have had a hand in building their characters. Let them not be ungrateful people who think they are successful on their own merits only.
I have a dream - that in future, people, especially parents, will see that academics is NOT all that matters; that the school is not only a place for their children to study the subjects in class, or a place where they place their children safely because they have to go to work, where all that matters is how many As their children obtain in the chase for academic excellence. It would be a wonderful picture to paint, when people (everyone, really) realises that education and learning is about the building of character, improving one's knowledge as well as how to handle growing up. It would be nice ... desirable, if the powers-that-be also understand how difficult it is to actually educate generations of youngsters.
I have a dream - that we can go back to being less rigid about classroom learning. I want to be able to take my students to experience and explore. I want to open their eyes to more than just book. I want them to know the world out there, not just the world of books and the cyber-world. I would love for them to experience some reality - what it means to be a citizen of the world. I want them to know why they learn things like history and why some people are prominent in history. They need to know and appreciate why we have what we have now. Let nothing be handed over to them on a silver platter and they lose that sense of necessity to strive and work hard.
I have a dream - that we all learn not to be so selfish. It is not all about ME, MYSELF AND I! How beautiful the world will be if everyone just stops being calculative and only focuses on their own contributions, forgetting that there are plenty of other people who also make contributions in their own capacities.


jeeneze said...

I share your dreams!

Chris said...

Thanks Jeeneze. We all share some dreams.