Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a day!!!

Today has been a tiring day - full of acitivities. Firstly I took Joel to a Child Development Specialist to have him evaluated for his delayed development, especially in speaking. I was worried. Somehow, he was showing signs of autism. There were symptoms which we could detect. It has been a source of anxiety for me. Spending one hour there with Dr Rajini, she finally said that she didn't think he was autistic. Yippee!!! Yes he has some developmental disorder causing the delay but he is NOT autistic!!! What a wonderful news to me! I am really happy for Joel. But it also means we all have to work harder to help him to communicate better. And he will be seeing a speech therapist soon.
After the session there, I had a house painter come to the house to have a look and later give a quotation for painting the house. This is going to cost MONEY!!! We looked at the house and planned on making some improvements to the house.
From there I went to school for cheer practice. Someone was absent again. Then some girls went home with me, and from there, we picked up Jonathan and Jeremy and we went to Sunway Pyramid. We had lunch at Bubba Gump's. Then movies ... Monsters vs Aliens. Then some grub at Old Town. And we were off to buy make up for D*starz - well, Megan and me, and my boys!!! Managed to spend about RM250 on various types of make up items. By then I was realllly tired.And I still had to meet up with the Tshirt man, so we headed back to my house at about 6:30. Trisher's parents came to pick them up a about 7:45. For an hour or so, what did they do? Take more photos and tried out the make up!!! We had a lot of laughs, esp seeing how ONE particlar person tried to put on lipstick and all!!! Haha!!
At about 9pm, the tshirt man finally came and I was able to pass the jackets to him plus explain a bit about the tshirts for drama.
So .... it has been a long day. And it was tiring. Didn't know spending time with teenage girls can be so tiring!!! LOL. But it was a nice day, enjoyable and an eye-opener for me.

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