Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm getting a nightmare instead

I am frustrated. I don't know what some people are thinking. We, the teachers are already bending over backwards with all the time and energy spent on the drama production. We lose our weekends, we are in school countless hours to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Many of the students are doing the same. And yet some people just cannot work together to make our dream a reality (quoting Pn A). It's turning into a nightmare of sorts.
Firstly, the problem of punctuality, or lack of it. Some people are so tardy althought they know the whole team is waiting for them. Nothing runs without them and they do not feel anything about being not just late but SUPER late.
Secondly, they don't realise that because we have 3 major groups that need to work together, they need to discuss and agree on when and how they will come together. Instead they are wasting many people's time waiting for something to do. If you are not ready, just say it. Don't let everyone wait for you and look stupid. They can always find something else to do while waiting.
Thirdly, the attitude of being a maestro is getting on my nerves. These people are obviously good in their respective fields. But can't they just keep that aside and find a way to work TOGETHER so that the rest of us can have a peaceful night's sleep instead of worrying when they are going to be able to "galvanise"? They need to talk to one another and agree on a work schedule instead of each doing his own thing.
Yes, yes ... I know. Chill! But I am this close to throwing things at them. So cast and crew ... be prepared. We might have to work through the night on Thursday and Friday next week!! Or else it WILL turn into a nightmare.

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