Wednesday, September 9, 2009

.... and I thought we were a TEAM!

Today I felt a lot of anger. I was fuming mad at some people. Working as a team, we are supposed to communicate with one another. Not pushing and passing the buck here and there. It was super frustrating to have to do what is not MY job. It is even MORE frustrating when some people who were supposed to help did NOT do their jobs and the load gets passed to ME! I am one person doing HOW MANY PEOPLE'S JOB???? What was wrong with the whole picture anyway?
Firstly, the job passed to someone should have stayed passed to that particular person instead of being passed to someone else who had nothing to do with the work in the first place. People in the admin should have just stood their grounds and insist that the work be properly spread out.
Secondly, the person on whose lap the work fell on should have just said it very clearly that she would NOT do the work if she wasn't going to do it anyway. Say you can't / won't do it instead of letting the work rot, and wait for the deadline to appear. Then everyone goes scrambling because the work is not done. For goodnes' sake, I already offered to help if she could not handle the work. And she said nothing ... NOTHING until the deadline appeared today.
Thirdly, the original person who was supposed to do the work could at least have helped. I was going to help as well. Did she? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It wasn't HER job. Like it was MY job??? Hey, I was doing her work for her, and she just uttered that it wasn't her job! Oh pardon me ... how did it become MY job? Just because I have a clearer conscience about work, and have slightly better work ethics, it has become MY job? Hello .... what kind of logic is this?
The anger and frustration left the school with me. I went grocery shopping and I was still fuming mad. I came home and I was still breathing hard and having very fast pulse. I checked my blood pressure and it was UP.
I don't think in the last 13 years or so I have been in this school, have I ever been so angry about something and some people.

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