Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cannot deny that I am getting old

Not that I want to deny it. But yes, I am getting older ... and as one crosses the bridge to the big four-oh ... a lot of things starts to happen. Of course, my hair has been greying. I used to be very bothered by that but now I just accept that it is part and parcel of getting older. In addition to that, my eyesight has been affected too. I am now short sighted and will soon go and get myself a pair of reading glasses. I cannot read too long as it is. And I get a massive headache from the straining to read.
My body too is now telling me to slow down and not push myself too much. I sprained my ankle on 5th July. It is now 17th September. More than two months have passed and my ankle is still slightly swollen and it is weak. I feel the pain when I flex and point my toes. I resprained my ankle a few weeks back when I stepped on uneven ground. So my ankle is giving me problems. I cannot wear high heels without feeling the strain on the ankle. I need afternoon naps more often now. When I get home from school, I am so tired that I just need to plonk down on my bed and take a nap. Sometimes the nap can last as long as 2 hours!!! But then I don't sleep very much at night. Not the recommended amount of sleep anyway. So ... yes, my body is telling me to really learn to slow down. Perhaps it is time for me to learn to relax and take things easy and try to not do everything by myself.
A resolution for myself for this 10 day Hari Raya break will be to really relax and spend time for myself, as well as for the family. Hmmmm a good time to go for a Thai massage ... there is that coupon I was given some weeks ago. Yeah, a good time to go for it. And a good time for a hiatus too. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

hi there

i came across your blog accidentally and looked through breifly-- and liked it! it's so interesting to know you're a teacher too and that you're stressed with your huge load of work. well i just have to tell you that... you're not alone. my mother's a teacher too and you should look at the amount of work she has. it's like before she gets to finish one pile another pile has built itself up before her. it's that way yeah. may i know whether you're teaching in a sec or primary school? and... um, i know this is rather random but which one are you in your blog header's photo?


Chris said...

Hi Senorita,
Welcome to my blog. Good to know that you found my blog to your liking. Yes I am a teacher. And like many teachers, I am swamped with work. I teach in a secondary school. I know you're in Penang. Which school? I'm the one in white in the photo.

Tobiyama said...

Christina jiejie,

If you want body/feet massage, I recommend in Bandar Puteri Puchong~ Very near Tesco~ The centre was founded by Christopher Ling, who represented the country in international Wushu competitions~ Practitioners are local~ Look for Uncle Lim or Alex Sifu~ The female practitioners also quite good~

Or check out Zen Of Wellness in Damansara Uptown~ The guys from China are quite strong; if you can take some pains~ Look for Bin or Xin~ They are always in high demand for body massage among female clients~ Quite professional~ But ignore the aunty-like receptionist~ She's a bloody snobby idiot~