Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tiga - < 3 ... ???

Wondering what that was? That's the title of the drama that was put up by Production Club last Thursday. No, I am not part of the club. No, the play was not in English. No, I did not offer to help. But I was involved, nevertheless.
How did that happen? Hmmm, kinda a long story ... well, not that long, but I am not about to blog about it. Bottom line is I was involved as the stage manager. Officially I was the stage manager.
In reality, I think I went beyond the duty of a stage manager. Those who know me will know that I cannot stand by and watch something just fall flat, and not do anything about it. I saw how the whole project seemed ready to collapse. I could not stand it, and I took over, partially. Instead of "just" being the stage manager, I assisted in directing, in making sure props were ready, costume and makeup were complete, made some decisions which I should not have made, but I made them. I screamed at the cast and crew when they did not listen. I scolded people left, right and centre. In short, I almost took over. Why? I could not let it fail. I had to do something. I did what I could with the little time left.
I don't know if some people minded that I bulldozed my way through, but it's too late to mind. The production went .... relatively well. Considering that we had so little time, and having so many issues to solve, we did quite well.
I hope that I never ever have to take over like that again. In 5 days' time, it'll be Puteri Gunung Ledang. I am not involved at all, thankfully. But I know and have faith that it'll be great.

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