Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anger management

Some of us are just plain angry and I wonder .... do we need anger management? Can we be angry and not let it get out of hand?
  • Case 1 : X is angry because some people need him to do some work for them but assumed that X would be ready and available at any time. So X was not told of the fact that work was going to be placed on his lap. So when X found out about it, he scolded the people concerned for not telling him in advance, esp since he was willing to help but just wanted to be told in advance.
  • Case 2 : Y is angry because he was sick and was not able to do the usual amount of work. So a someone had to fill in for him and he was also reprimanded for not giving notice.

Yes, case 1 and case 2 were related. Sigh!

  • Case 3 : K is a prominent person who was angry at being victimised in a certain manner and therefore decided to sue some people for causing so much trouble to her and family.
  • Case 4 : C is a group of people and angry with some peole and decide that K has no cause to sue and therefore decide to help the people being sued.

What has become of this world?

  • Case 5 : L is angry, at the money-grabbing people who destroy the land, etc. She blogs about it! Echoes of The Dead Crow!

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