Monday, October 20, 2008

Friends who just enjoy being crazy

Today I rushed home from school and soon rushed to Shah Alam to meet some old friends. These are my coursemates in uni. We were a bunch of crazy people having something to eat at Secret Recipe at the SACC, and most importantly, catching up on news and updating others on our latest news. I think the 7 of us managed to scare other potential customers from the restaurants with our noisy chatters. I have always said that my TESL group is any time louder than any SA girls! I was right. It is always strange to see a group of people, esp at MY age, going crazy and just let go. BUT we had a great time and that was what's most important. I missed our years in uni and the crazy things we used to do. But meeting up once in a while is good for the soul. I had not met Aida and Mariati since graduation. Salmie, I met last year. YWah and Amoy .... well I see them occasionally. Zainal, our beloved class monitor .... well, he was one secure guy being surrounded by 6 women. We used to bully him thooooossseeeee days. But we are all good friends. I hope our plan for a proper reunion will work out.

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