Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where were your manners?

Today I went to Rimba Ilmu with the Form 3s. It was actually a good experience with En Suhaimi showing us all the places and things. Even if you're not interested in the plants and stuff, you would learn something new. So, it was disappointing when some of YOU grumbled that IT WAS BORING! Yeah, so what if you're not that interested. You signed up to go, so you had jolly well better not complain. Treat it as a learning experience, something that opens your eyes to the world around you. Then after we went on the short hike outdoors, we went back to the exhibition room and some of YOU went and lay down on the floor!!!! Goodness!!!! How unbecoming is that???? Do you go to your friend's house and lie down on the floor of her living room? I am disappointed that you people have shown such a lack of manners. To think that En Suhaimi or his colleagues could have walked into the area and seen you lying down like that .... I shudder. While some of you were lying down, how come the rest if YOU did not bother to tell your friends off. I am soooo annoyed. I am never taking you people anywhere again.

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