Thursday, October 30, 2008

My gorgeous students

Today is a witness to the fact that Sri Aman girls are gorgeous. No I don't have photos yet, waiting for Rianne. But yeah, we saw how the girls all dressed up in their traditional clothes and they looked absolutely ravishing. Those who wore the saree looked elegant and sexy too, if I may say so. Think Sonia. I caught sight of Kalai too and she looked wonderful but she was too shy to parade her saree. Jen Yeen, well, she was just so cute ... ok, she was pretty in her little pink cheongsam. Novia too looked elegant in her grandma's qipao. Those in Kebaya. Yes, really sweet looking and pretty. Those in lengha, like tiny Ain R. She looked extremely attractive and I could almost imagine her running in a park, chased by a Bollywood actor. Let's see ... ah, the shoes. We saw some rather interesting footwear. Who can miss PL's red sandals? Or Iman's VERY HIGH heels? Ah well, how can I not mention a little friend who forgot to bring shoes and ended up wearing baju kurung with school shoes????
Some worthy mentions here : June in the lengha, Atikah in cheong sam, Natashyia in cheong sam, Natasha in kurung moden (if that's what it is called), Amy in her cheongsam top and flair skirt, Aimi in her kebaya, and Trisher in her emmmm what do you call that outfit? A fusion of Chinese and western with that little blouse.
So .... my conclusion is, I have got very gorgeous students, and if your name has not been mentioned, it's not because you're not worthy. I just got lazy ... blame me.

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