Thursday, October 16, 2008


I am so looking forward to my trip with the girls to Penang. I have been calculating and calculating, and planning and all. Tomorrow I am going to bank in money to make reservation for accommodation. That is a big step as this means the trip is ON! I will still accept a few late comers as the trip has been approved. I hope that the trip will be fun for everyone. Although I have made initial plans to go to Kellie's Castle, we might have to scrap that so that we will arrive in Penang at a more suitable time. Other places of interest, well, we'll see as we go. Let's pray the weather will be fine when we're there. I will bring ONE son with me. Cannot handle more than that. Probably that'll be Jeremy. He's the lucky one who tends to get to go on more trips.

The trip to Genting will also be on. I'm trying to fill up the bus with more people. That will spread out the amount spent for the bus. Though it is a day trip, it will be nice to be able to just go and play at the theme parks and go on the rides. NO, I will not be there since I would hve just come back from Penang and will be dead tired, unlike some people.

As for other plans post-PMR, looks like we will still be able to go to the Beryl's Choco Factory. Yummmmmmmy! And we'll try to see if the grooming day programme will work out well. As far as I know, someone will definitely come to talk about grooming and social etiquette. I am still trying to get someone to come for the skincare/beauty/fashion sessions. Any suggestions?

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Nyonya Pearl said...

Do enjoy Penang. Our food is not to be miss out.