Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not-so-amazing race form 3

Well, it started with the form 1 students, really. I had relief class with 1 H the other day, for 2 periods. So, I decided to make them DO something instead of sit in class and stare at one another. Today, I decided to make the Form 3 girls go through the same thing, slightly same thing. Sib and I actually made our girls run all over the school to look for info. Info such as "the principal's date of birth", "names of previous principals", "who owns what car!", "who is from where". It was hilarious how some of the girls ran all over the school, hounding some teachers and office staff. Thousand apologies to my colleagues. Some girls who were initially lazy actually enjoyed themselves. It got them to get out of their boredom, their stressedout mindset, their inability to think of something other than PMR. At least it got their adrenalin going, and they got active. I hope that they had a good time, and did not mind all the running around.
Tomorrow will be the PMR briefing and arrangement of the hall, and a few other things necessary as pre-PMR administrative business. I know the girls are going to be so anxious after that because it'll be the exam proper next. I hope and I pray that they will remain calm, and keep themselves healthy and strong for the exam.

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