Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Air Asia cabin staff would go crazy!

I was going to put "Air Asia would cr*sh" but ... nah ... not that bad. So .... what am I talking about? Certainly not about Tony F's airline being lousy. I was talking about how they would react to us Sri Aman teachers on the flight to Bangkok next month.
Well, about 25 teachers will be flying there during the first week of the holiday. Now, some of you already know how crazy some of your teachers are, yours truly included. I wonder if the cabin crew will have a massive headache melayan us on the flight. I mean, 25 of us, you know, though that includes the principal and the admin. BUT it'll be sad to miss some of our dear friends who were supposed to go but cannot make it, namely Putt and TPL. Oh by the way, Putt, I like to spell your nickname here as Putt .... hehe. If with these two along, I think they'll have to separate us all. Or else we will erupt every few seconds. Just watch us when we are having a nice meal in Tony Roma's (like today), I think we got quite a few stares. Ooooh! Pn A is going to so get upset with us .... NOT!!!!!! I think she knows our level of craziness. Teehee!
So yes, we had a really nice lunch at Tony Roma's today. It was delicious, I don't mean just the food. The company was delicious!!!!! We spent about 2 hours or so there. Someone's treat! Then we went for a quick shop ... at Marks & Spencer. And we bought THINGS! Aaaahhh! How nice to reward oneself. In case my hubby is reading this ... em .... I bought practical things. Ahem!
Tomorrow will be the Deeparaya programme for the form 3 students. We'll see how it turns out, how many will be there. I'm sorry if it seems disorganised but ... but what to do? Most of you are not in school. Difficult to plan. And I wasn't around last Friday.
Okay ... I'll see you all tomorrow.

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Saad Amir said...

Teachers was seen to be very crazy in the article. L thick you must very happy to the Asia teachers.
regards, saad from