Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is nearing the end of the school year. And yet work is piling up. Tomorrow Putt and I will have to attend a course starting in the evening and continuing until Saturday afternoon. What's it about? Not too sure but it has something to do with identifying Pelajar Cerdik dan Berbakat. One pertinent question is .... how do you define that? What talents are we talking about? And our sessions tomorrow and Friday will go into late night. We are supposed to stay there, but we just have to come home. We have families to manage afterall.
On another note, I have banked in the money for accommodation in Penang. Now trying to organise things for the bus. I hope we don't end up having to pay more than the RM210 per person you people are paying. Such a heahache with all the work.
Paperwork. Oh that is such a painful word. There will be plenty of paperwork to be done before the holiday comes. Reports and plans for next year, etc.
Working holiday. Such silly phrase. Well, that's what I'll be having during the first week of holiday. We're going to visit some schools in Thailand. Don't know what to expect but .... I plan to shop. And eat. And shop. Get in a massage or two. Haha.
Then 2nd week of holiday, maybe we're finally going to have our Conditioning Camp for our athletes. That's another few days of my holiday gone. So my holiday does not officially start until this camp is over! Do I have anything else to do? Maybe, dunno.

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