Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where to put her face?

Last night, I went for a Jim Brickman concert at the KL Tower. Hubby won tickets and we spent the evening high above the KL City and enjoyed nice music. Jim is an accomplished song-writer who plays the piano. His words. Not mine. He has composed many songs, mainly love songs you might expect to hear during Feb 14 or weddings. His earliest hit is probably Valentine. So the evening was pleasant and relaxing, which was spoiled by ONE very embarrassing person. Well, as I've mentioned, Jim writes songs and plays the piano. He doesn't normally sing, although he sang 2 songs last night. So he has people who sang his songs as he plays. Last night, he had 4 local guest singers who sang for him. And ONE of them had to spoil it all by FORGETTING THE LYRICS!!!! It was unbelievable because she is quite a well-known singer, although not quite main-stream music. She forgot the lyrics in TWO songs, one of which is VALENTINE, which is probably Jim's most well-known song, which I guess, most of the audience could sing. The other song was when she sang a duet with an American guy and she forgot, again, during the encore! It was unbelievable. I don't think Jim Brickman will ever have her in his concert again. She single-handedly spoiled everyone's evening. And she never apologized. The other three guest singers were less known but did a better job. So this professional singer, I really don't know where she is going to put her face. Shuddering at the memory of her blunders!

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