Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thailand trip - version 1.2

On our way from Bangkok to Pattaya that first day, we made a stop at Sriracha Tiger Zoo. This is the entrance which has several white statues of tigers. We didn't spend that much time here but managed to catch quite a few sights.

This is the schedule for a show, which we managed to catch.
Below is a pic of a tigress nursing piglets dressed as tiger cubs. Yes, I kid you not.
Below is a rather blurry pic of a pig living with 2 dogs and a tiger.
This is a close-up pic of a scorpion.
This girl is covered with said scorpions. You have to admire this PIG. It can count.
More pigs! Don't think we have seen more pigs before, those that are alive.
Two orangutans which had finished their work of posing for cameras.
This girl had her head in the croc's mouth!
Didn't go in there. Just took a pic outside. The carving is nice.
Camels in enclosures.
Cute caps sold as souvenir.
Crocs big and small


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