Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where is my holiday?

This has got to be my busiest holiday ever. I have not really had much time with my family in a proper holiday. The first week was spent in Thailand and recupering from the trip. And my kids were involved in a church programme for kids right after I came back from Thailand. All the while I was also busy trying to get enough cheerleaders for the Monsoon Cup in Terengganu. Monday 2nd week, I was in Putrajaya for a workshop. Then we got the news that we are not going to Terengganu. The plan just didn't work out. Some of my cheerleaders will wonder why. Basically people cannot wait for us if we keep stalling. This is a costly lesson to be learned. We could have earned enough money for Cheer 2009 expenses just from the Monsoon Cup gig. Too bad.
Then I have to go to school for SPM duty and next week again to check out my Pintar Cerdas results to send to Kementerian. Such a hassle. Next week will be busy with the conditioning camp. I've had to call up people to help as well as to attend. The timing is just off. I wish it could be rescheduled to maybe first weekend of school next year. Everyone is on holiday or busy with something.
Well, today was good though. I attended a wedding. One of my colleagues got married to a friend's son. The bride looked radiant. I wish the newly-wed a wonderful lifetime together. I met some of my former colleagues at the wedding. It was good to see some of them. They looked happy and relaxed, esp since they are already retired.
Next weekend I will be attending another colleague's wedding dinner. I am looking forward to it. Only hubby and I will be going and it'll be a nice date together. Speaking of date, we'll be having a lunch date courtesy of at The Ship! Jealous???? And I will be watching Quantum of Solace also courtesy of!!! After Hari Raya Haji, I will be without my maid .... until my new maid arrives. So I will be busy playing maid soon. There goes my holiday.

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