Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thailand trip - version 2.2

This is obviously ME. On the background are students studying in the library. They were doing something like our NILAM programme. The yellow shirts are actually their PE uniform for the lower secondary.
This is one of the computer labs.
That's some of us with Danny Lynch, an American teacher from California. He teaches English. Don't get any ideas. He's expecting a grandchild soon.

The girls wear this kind of shoes.

The lower secondary students wear brown shoes.

They have a swimming pool!!!! But then swimming is compulsory for Grade 7.

That's our Form 1 equivalent.

This is Min. He was one of our tour guides for our tour round the school. Nice boy.

The green uniform is for their uniform unit. Scouts or Guides, I think.

The teacher teaching English.

The students went for a competition in Japan this year. This is a poster of them.

Boys and girls making costumes

Blue shirt - PE uniform for upper secondary. These students were having a language class in a media room.

See the basket? They were playing netball /captainball using the basket to shoot.

This is actually a science lab. No experiment in progress though.

The boys were actually doing craft, making wooden paddles for a boat. These would be used in their performances eventually.

These students are learning to play the Thai traditional musical instruments. Yes, along the corridors.

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