Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thailand trip version 2.1

Lest you guys thought all we did in Thailand was learning about culture and animals, here is the first installment of the pictures of the first school we visited, Rayong Wittayakom School in Rayong, situated about an hour's ride from Pattaya.
Our first view of the school.
The notice board featured pictures about the King's late sister who was about to be cremated.
Pictures on one of the notice boards
In the meeting room with the Rayongwit teachers and director
We were served by BOYS and girls.
The entrance to one of their classrooms
The library
A feature in the library - a stone with writings on it
This is the staffroom for the Maths or Science teachers. They have different staffrooms for different departments / subjects. IMAGINE SRI AMAN ENGLISH TEACHERS HAVING A ROOM TO OURSELVES!!!!!
Pictures of the students doing cultural performances
The headgears and other cultural performance costumes are well-kept.
The ping-pong tables are always there for the students to play when they are free.
This is a kiosk for photocopying. The students pay, of course.
This is another staffroom.
The construction of a new block. Looks big and very functional.
The staffroom for language teachers. The 2 caucasian males are actually foreign teachers who teach English. One is from England and the other from Canada.
This is a resource room for English.

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Fariza Khalid said...

I enjoyed the pics. You must had a wonderful trip to Thailand I must say. Savadikupp!!