Friday, November 28, 2008

J card day

So yesterday was J card day at Sunway Pyramid. This is the first time I had been so crazy about shopping. Not that it was really shopping in the real sense of the word but ....
The day started with me getting to Pyramid at 8:15am in spite of the fact that Jusco only opened at 9am. I went ot California Fitness and went on the net until 8:50 and then off I went to wait for Jusco to open. YES I WAITED OUTSIDE JUSCO!!! When the place was open, I went shopping and bought mainly Christmas gifts for my kids and some other kids. Bought a few things for myself, couldn't justify shopping for myself after all the shopping in Bangkok and Pattaya. Bought something for my mum. And then it was time to go to school for SPM duty. It was the last day of SPM for the science students. After the paper finished, I went to Pyramid again. YES! AGAIN!
I went to the groceries this time. After what was a horrendous time carrying all the stuff in a basket, I found a TROLLEY! Bought all those heavy stuff that I had wanted to get but could not carry. All in all, J card day was a mega spending day for me, though it was buying things I would buy anyway, necessities and Christmas presents. Yes, I know Christmas is 1 month away, but then I would have bought the things and not get those shopping vouchers. Am I ever going for J card day again next time? You betcha!

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