Thursday, April 30, 2009

Transformation of Sri Aman hall into a concert hall

It took many hours ... more than 12 hours. And the Sri Aman hall became a Hannah Montana concert hall of sorts. It was mind boggling how the crew transformed a hall like ours and turned it into something almost unrecognizable. The students were amazed. The teachers were even more amazed.
So how did it all start? Early March a letter was faxed to school about "Jadi Hannah Montana Rock Bersama Shila". Fast forward and the letter landed on my lap, meaning ... I had to take care of it. NOBODY wanted to take part initially. Everyone complained about it being Hannah Montana and how boring and childish it was going to be. Everyone complained about having to perform solo ... dance or song. I was thinking .... ok so if no one takes part, then I will have nothing to do. Easier for me. BUT ....
Sri Aman is such a famous school, so highly looked upon, that the organisers, the events people, called me up and pretty much begged me to make sure there is at least one entry, or two. So I had to go and find people to sing/dance. Eventually I found a few. But due to some techinical hiccups, their submissions online did not work. And I thought, never mind, let it be. Then I got the calls again. They were willing to shoot the videos in school. All I had to do was get the girls out of class and perform ... which I did.
Fast forward a few days later. I was told that Alyssa had won. They were going to come to the school to do the Shila school tour and prize-giving ceremony. What happened next was making sure the hall was available. We pushed all the hall events back or changed the venues just so that the hall was available.
On Tuesday, the workmen came. They were in school by 2pm and they started work immediately. They brought all sorts of equipment and paraphernalia. I kept an eye on them until about 5pm. I went home, then decided to check on them again at 8pm. So off I went to school with little Joel. I had to make sure they were not going to touch some things in the hall. I was amazed to see the hall almost fully transformed.
The next morning, at 7:15, I took the key to the hall and opened it. Everyone who peeked in gasped at the sight of the hall. Where was the old hall? It was all PURPLE! There were glittery props everywhere. Miley Cyrus and Shila were everywhere. The lights were the rotating type and gave the hall an atmosphere of a party about to start. The whole morning I was running from class to the hall and to various places to ensure that the event was not going to disrupt too many things. I also had to go and pre-select some students for some of the mini-contests.
At 2pm, most of the students rushed to the hall. The goody bag turned out to be a folder/envelope. But those who managed to play the game outside earlier had a good time winning Disney premium gifts like thumbdrives, webcams and note books. At about 2:30, everything started.
The emcee was Farish Aziz, a rather cute personality of a young man. He had a very good rapport with the audience of about 800-900 girls. Some girls were asked to on stage for some mini-contests and won ... more webcams and thumbdrives, and Hannah Montana bags. Alyssa won herself an IPod and a Nintendo thing. Don't ask me what kind. No idea. The school was given a Yamaha keyboard. Even Pn Ngau went on stage to sing. Of course, the star of the show was Shila, an upcoming singer. She was pretty good. We managed to get the Ed Board people to interview her and took pics of her. Thanks, Hass and Su Wei.
Alyssa gave a full performance of her dance near the end of the event. She did well, and she looked cool and composed. Not at all nervous. Her mum later said that she did better in her practices at home.
After the concert was over, the girls who stayed back took pictures of themselves with the Hannah Montana decor. Someone said the hall is never going to look that pretty ever again. True! I stayed back in the hal until after 5pm. I had to make sure the crew understood that they had to clean up everything. While back stage, I managed to have a chat with Farish. He is NICEEEEEE! He's a Sabahan and he misses his home state a lot. And YES, I have his handphone number. Anyone interested? Well, I thought having his number will be good in case we ever organise an event and need to find a "celebrity emcee". Just in case ....
Yes, I know, I have not included how I bolted out of the hall in the middle of everything. Haha. I was told beforehand by the crew that they wanted to put me on stage. I said NO. They insisted, and I said NO. So when Farish mentioned getting a teacher on stage, I hid behind someone, and the moved near a door and bolted! I was tired and not in the mood to make a fool of myself. What was hilarious was how Alias followed behind me!!! That was how Pn Ngau ended up on stage!!!
So it was an unforgettable event for the students, at least for the rest of the week. It certainly is a memorable one for me, having helped to organize things and making sure everything was in order. Just too bad Pn A was not around to see it. Am waiting for Su Wei's photos!!!!

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