Sunday, April 5, 2009


I tend to have very unrealistic expectations on people, especially people I love and care for. It is tough because most of the time, the expectations are not met and I get frustrated and upset. Sometimes it seems like I get all worked up for no reason, but the truth is that I am upset because my expectations are not met, and I get especially mad if the people CAN meet those expectations but choose not to. I know I am not making much sense, to some people. But that's how it is with me at times.
So what do I expect? Lots, I guess. I expect my other half to be more understanding and thoughtful in his actions. I expect my sons to have good manners and show some gratitude for being always on the receiving end. I expect my mum ... to be grateful for her daughter's willingness to give and give. I expect my domestic help ... to USE HER BRAIN! I expect my colleagues ... well, I don't need to say what I expect from them because they have always more than met my expectations. My students ... I expect them to feel a sense of responsibility over their learning and stop depending on external factors to give them the drive to learn or do anything for that matter. But more importantly, what do I expect from myself? Probably that is the key to my own happiness. Sometimes I expect myself to just be more than I can be. I have to acknowledge that I have lots of weaknesses that I need to work on. And I have a lot of things I need to sort out for myself.
So ... well, it has been a less than fantastic day. Mostly because of those expectations not being met. It was just basically a day of things going wrong. My son broke a plate in Secret Recipe, and refused to apologise. I slammed the car boot door into my nose and I have a mark to show for it. Just two things among the things that didn't go well. You get the picture. Hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

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