Wednesday, April 15, 2009

100th post in this new blog

This is the first time in almost as many years that I have been in SA, that I have had almost nothing to do with the Sports unit, or sports duty for sports day. For years, since 1998, I have been teaching PJK, and I have never been really let go of the sports duties. I was always ketua this or ketua that. Then, when there was no one else to handle the afternoon session sports unit, I became the Asst Sports Sec. Since then, it has been crazy. Of course, from 2005 until last year, it was pure madness. For those 4 years, I played a very major role in the running of sports activities in SA. Not that I have not enjoyed it, but life was so hectic during the first half of the year. 2005, especially was a tough year. That was the year I pretty much took over because someone went off somewhere, and I was heavily pregnant with my #3. It was a real challenge to me because I was never a sports major, nor was I ever a state or national player in any game. I never had that kind of abilities. But I loved sports. I loved being in the managing and organizing of sports events. And that was what helped me through all those years of sports unit duties.
Now, starting this year, I am no longer in the sports unit. I asked to be taken off the unit because we have more than enough people who are PJK majors or Sports Science majors. And it felt strange. I was not in charge of any sports events. I was not heading any of the sports duties. And I didn't have to attend any briefings. It felt VERY strange. I am getting used to it, but frankly, I missed it. After 11 years of sports unit, how can I not feel strange? How can I not feel a little left out? But it is for the best, I know. I started 2009 knowing that I would be venturing into new things and I have kept myself VERY busy with all the things I have had to do. Old habits die hard, though.

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