Monday, April 13, 2009

The talk today

This morning we had a talk, well, more like a few of us talked and the others listened. Perhaps it was just as well, that the little pitbull was not around or it would have turned into a very bad session of screaming and all. Sorry I am calling YOU a pitbull, but somehow, you remind me of one, especially the one I used to call my pet. (I miss her) Pitbulls are lovely dogs, fierce and loyal to those they are protective of.
So we had that session of honest and open talk. The prez had her say and spoke about why everyone has to be commited and dedicated to the club. The co-capt spoke a little, I think. I guess I spoke the most. Frankly I cannot remember everything I said. But I know I said everything that needed to be said. Practically everything that I blogged about last week. I surprised myself, really. I was a lot calmer than I had anticipated. Didn't even raise my voice towards them. But I think the content of my message was understood and absorbed.
After that session, I had a shorter session with the seniors. We talked about how true it was that we don't have to go hunting for gigs and beg for money anymore. Instead, we're head hunted. People are looking for us. And that is thanks to the current seniors who have done such a good job in competitions as well as in performances they have been involved in. The juniors have to learn to be thankful, to be ready to continue the tradition of excellence. I hope, and I pray that it will happen. Soon.

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