Thursday, April 9, 2009


Fame has its consequences. It has its paybacks and drawbacks. Not that D*starz is exactly famous and all that. But the last 2 years have been kinda hectic for them, us. Starting from the Olympic Torch Run by Lenovo, we have been busy with several gigs and it has been exciting and rewarding. On the other hand it has been difficult because the girls have been kept so busy and they want to prepare for Cheer competition.
It is strange. People have been looking us up, actually googling our school to get our phone number to find us. Some didn't even call, they just fax a letter straight to the office to get us to be involved in some performances. And while on site for those gigs, some people have actually approached us to get our contact details to contact us in future. D*starz might not have won YET in Cheer, but our "fame" goes before us. It is funny, and yet, strange. Maybe we are known as a group that actually takes the gigs seriously and do a good job. So far, the people who have engaged us have been pleased with us. Things look promising that we'll be called again to perform. Just not now, not before Cheer 09. Or perhaps this is a good reason and chance to train up the juniors, so that they can be propped for performances. They might not stunt much but they can be trained to dance and do other things.
I don't know .... everything lies in the hands of the seniors who are not in the Cheer 09 squad, and the juniors. If only they realize that they can do great things with the right commitment and discipline.

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