Monday, April 6, 2009


Today was a pretty crazy busy day. It was work work work all the way, with not only lessons but other things occupying my time and energy.
The Lorna Whiston programme started today for the Forms 5 and 6 students. Only 6 people turned up. Sad. Got a fax today from the kementerian about identifying gifted students! After the hassle of attending their course and doing assessments for all the Forms 1, 2, 3 students last year, and sending all the results, they asked us to NOMINATE 4 students to undergo a test. So very STUPID of some people.
In addition to that fax, I also received the fax for the D*starz gig for this Thursday. Gosh I feel bad. It's like we're working the girls to death with all sorts of assignments. They'll be busy with the practising, and planning for various movements and things. I promise, this gig will be the last paid gig we're accepting. In addition to this Thursday, they'll also be performing for TV3's programme this weekend. On top of that they're also performing for Sports Day. No wonder they are burning out. And poor Haylie only went home at almost 9pm today. She had to squat at my house waiting for her ride home.
On top of that, there is the Smartkids award thing which I am anxious about. I hope at least one of our girls will win an award. Am supposed to bring them to PWTC this Friday for a tour of their exhibition but just remembered that I have to bring mum to SJMC for a follow-up at the same time. How? I guess I will need to ask for a favour from a colleague to bring them to PWTC since I can't be asking someone else to bring mum to SJMC.
And now people are bugging me to start contacting sponsors for the magazine. Gosh, I haven't given magazine a single thought for a while now. I am really swamped with too many things which seem to demand my attention NOW! Sigh .... double sigh and triple sigh.

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