Monday, April 13, 2009

You people will be sorely missed

This post is dedicated to those of you I used to teach, and have since left Sri Aman for greener pastures. Meaning you have gone to boarding school. Well, I am of the opinion that Sri Aman girls should never have to go to boarding school. Sorry, but it is my personal opinion that you will all do better in Sri Aman. We have what it takes for you to excel and achieve the unbelievable. So it is unnecessary for you to leave, for indeed I do not believe that you're going to greener pastures. But that is your choice, or maybe your parents' choice. So you have to go, and I will miss you. There will be days when I wonder where you are, how you are doing and hope that you are back here with us. I look forward to seeing you again. Be good, hear? Continue to fly the Sri Aman flag in your hearts and give us good reason to be proud of you.

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