Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not cut out to be a home-maker

I am NOT cut out to be a home-maker. Otherwise known as housewife. I spent the last few days doing housewifey things, like cooking every meal (not just those kiddy meals), taking kids to school and back, taking my mum to SJMC and back and there again, and back. I had a bit of time to myself, but I missed my colleagues and students. I missed doing the work I do. I missed discussing things in class. I missed doing things for cheer. I missed ....being a teacher. I know, it is silly. I mean, I enjoyed my kids, and I enjoyed planning what to cook. But somehow, that was not enough. Sigh! I wonder why. Am I such a sucker for work, stress and tension? Am I burning myself out?
On a more positive note, I had a nice time this morning having the English Literature sessions with Dr Edwin. I missed attending his classes when I was an undergraduate. He was a very different kind of lecturer and I have always enjoyed his classes and how he helped me to see things from a different angle. I enjoyed all the assignments he threw our way, and I especially appeciated his passion for literature. He made me like literature.
As for another news, I have been called for an interview for the scholarship I applied back in January. I am nervous, even scared, nay, PETRIFIED. Now I have to plan what to focus on IF/WHEN I get a place in the university for a Masters programme. The last few months I have just swept all thoughts of this to the back of my head somewhere, not daring to actually think about it. Now, I have to.

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