Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kuda Kepang

I know some people might want to kill me if I blog about this but .... it's too funny to not blog. Thinking back, it wasn't really funny, but somehow .... well, you be the judge of that.
This morning, some TV3 crew people came by to SA and set up numerous cameras around the gallery. Has the alarm bell started ringing yet? Well, they were filming the D*starz sqyad practice. The girls were obviously feeling strange as there were 4 or 5 cameras rolling while they were practising their stunts and what-nots.
Then entered their teacher advisor, ME, and I told them that there were visitors who were coming and they were covering the cheer practice as part of the programme. The girls went ... HUH? But they went on with their practice. Professionals these girls! Soon came 2 Indonesian men who are from an Indonesian TV channel. They wanted to see the girls practising and doing the things they do best.
Sooooooooooo they demonstrated some of their stunts and at the same time, looking confused about what these men wanted. Then, the men said that they would be taking the cheer girls on a tour to Indonesia (expenses fully paid) if they did a good job. They wanted to see how well the girls adapted to THEIR brand of dancing and cheering.
This is where the Kuda Kepang came in. They brought 8 horses. The Kuda Kepang horses! And then one of the men demonstrated how he wanted the girls to do steps with the horses. Supposedly he wanted cheer with a Msian feel. So .... being such professionals, the girls did as told. Pretty funny actually. But really, they did such a good job at the steps, and also not showing their irritation. They were actually getting irritated by the minute and it did not show! I am so proud of them.
Obviously by the time they continued with the steps, it was obvious things were getting ridiculous. The steps were ridiculous. The instructor was ridiculous. The men even tried to make the girls feel bad and said they should have gone to another school's cheer girls.
Then I confronted the men about making my girls look silly. That's when the girls' dam broke and my dear pitbull really let off steam. I don't know how to describe the scene then but it really got emotional. The men made them choose, to listen to me (because I was basically saying no need to follow their instructions) or to try out for the Indonesia tour thing.
Here's when I felt truly touched. They pointed to me ... ME! They didn't want to look silly, they just wanted to get on with their practice and to concentrate on Cheer 09. I was VERY proud of them. The pitbull said they would buy Air Asia tickets and go to Indonesia by themselves!!!!
So in the end, the men revealed that IT WAS A PRANK!!!!! They were not Indonesians. And they were playing a prank for the show BANG BANG BOOM of TV3. The girls screamed when they knew. And then entered the show's mascot, a gorilla!!! A man in a gorilla suit. Then when I took out my microphone, they screamed even more!!! I was in on the prank. Then came the best part, Pn Alainal was also in on it and she had told the whole staff during the staff meeting!
So .... well, I know it is not funny the way I am telling it but ... the girls really got pranked! I was so afraid the girls would kill me. Especially the pitbull!!!! But I am so proud of them. Even Marcus, who was also in on it, said the girls were so professional up till the time I voiced my displeasure to the men.
Well, people, watch out for us on the show BANG BANG BOOM on TV3 some time in June or July. It was probably a very stressful half hour or so for the girls, but they did a good job, and I have found a new respect for them. Yeah, I love them to bits!

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