Friday, April 10, 2009

Long week

This is truly going to be a long week. No weekend proper, for me. Today, I went home a little earlier in order to take mum for her follow-up check on her eye. As usual, we had to wait. Then tomorrow, I'll be up real early to pick up some people and then go to Sri Pentas for the rehearsal. Yes, it's a school day and I will be missing school again. Only worse, I will be up and out so early and I have no idea when rehearsal will really end. On Sunday, the Kids Parade thing will be on, and it's also Easter Sunday. So I am in a dilemma. Do I give TV3 a miss? But I feel like I'm abandoning the girls if I don't go. And I'll be abandoning my family if I do. So what do I do? I'm thinking I might wake up real early to get to Sri Pentas, then leave by 8am or so to go for Easter service with family. Gosh, it will be such a rush but I might just have to do that. Help!

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