Monday, April 27, 2009

Not drowning but soon-to-be drowned

With all the fuss of the upcoming musical-drama, magazine work, and many other things to do, a lot of us are feeling the sensation of drowning. Some of us are pretty sure we are drowned already. It is tough juggling all the responsibilities. We feel stressed and pressured to do a good job .... no, A GREAT JOB in everything that we do. We want to do a great job. Who doesn't want the satisfaction of doing something exceptionally well and then get recognized for it? We all do, to a certain extent. But when we are loaded with too many tasks, too many deadlines and too many things that are unnecessary, we tend to let go of some other things. Something has got to give when we begin to feel that we need a few clones to help with all the tasks we have been given.
Yes, this is venting, but I am not the only one. Most of us in the panel feel the heat. We are tasked with doing everything that has to be done. It is tough, very tough. All these responsibilities eat into our private time with our families. We neglect our families, we neglect other necessary aspects of our lives. We forget to enjoy our work, our students. All we have time to care about is DO THIS, FINISH THAT, DON'T FORGET YOU HAVE TO DO THIS...... the list goes on. It is frustrating.
And at times, I no longer enjoy what I'm doing. I feel a certain need to escape to a place far, far away and just not bother. I honestly feel that a lot of us are experiencing health complications mainly because of our piled on work. I hope and pray that we will be strong enough to carry on and do our best. But honestly, the title of an article comes to mind sometimes. DON'T PUNISH YOUR BEST WORKERS. It was in one of the local dailies last year, I think. And somehow, this seems to ring true in a lot of places. How I wish that it weren't so.

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