Friday, May 1, 2009

Labour Day

Today was a relaxing day for me, and a wonderful day for my 2 older boys. They spent the day with their dad at FRIM and then Kids' Zone in Seri Hartamas. Me? I went out with some friends to Concorde Hotel, KL for High Tea and a time of fellowship.
We were mostly hungry when we got to Concorde and really tucked in. Nothing too fantastic to shout about but more than sufficient for us, ladies. It was nice just to not worry about the kids and hubbies. We all had a pleasant time chatting and eating and sharing our stories.
Today is actually a meaningful day in another manner. Today is my father's birthday, my LATE father's birthday. Though he is no longer alive, I have always remembered his birthday. And I never fail to say a little prayer for him. Our relationship was not the closest of father-daughter relationship, but I did love him, and he did love me, in our own ways. So, Pa, I just want to remember you today, and the times we had though it wasn't much. May your soul rest in peace.

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