Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can't we just get going?

It has been frustrating working on this big project. Everyone wants to do a good job but not everyone is willing to put in as much effort in it. There are those who just simply don't see the urgency and the fact that we are ONE MONTH AWAY!
  • Firstly we have some people who just cannot make up their minds.
  • Then we have people who just can't be bothered to go the extra mile.
  • Next we have people who behave like primadonas.
  • We also have people who did not start feeling the heat (how urgent things are) until the last few days.
  • And we also have people who just have NO clue on what is going on.

It is frustrating working this way. Somehow we (the people who are so directly involved) are saddled with the bulk of the worries and problems. Everything also ... you all do lah, can settle as soon as possible, oh I cannot come lah. It is super frustrating because we are in the frontline of the production and there is no letting up for us. With all the various problems that are already existing, we just don't want to see problems coming from the team itself - whether teachers or students. I might be putting my head on the chopping board for expressing this but, we HAVE TO GET GOING!!!!!!

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