Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy birthday to my 2nd born - Jeremy

These are photos of Jeremy all dressed up in a tuxedo as the ring bearer / pageboy in a wedding. His partner is Chloe, the flower girl.
A very happy birthday to Jeremy. He is my 2nd born, my middle child but certainly a well-loved child. He is the only child I have who is not preceeded by a miscarriage. Jeremy is also my biggest and heaviest baby at birth, weighing at 3.82kg. He is my first natural-born child. He is my first successfully nursed baby.

Jeremy is a very loving boy. He is full of life, so full of affection for people. Of all my children, he is the "people person". He enjoys getting to know people. He says hello to almost anyone and everyone. He can be shy at times, but he generally likes to get to know people. He can be quite temperamental with his brothers but he loves them. Try telling him that someone wants to take one of his brothers home and he will cry. Speaking of crying, he is my drama king. He cries easily, he can be very dramatic in the way he expresses himself. He likes to be in new clothes, he chooses what he wants to wear and can sometimes be difficult about how he is dressed! Sigh. I wonder where he got that from. LOL. To my little drama king, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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