Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The pace picks up

It is now May, which is basically halfway through the academic year. May signals the coming of the mid-year exams. May also means we will be having our musical drama NEXT month. And May also means Cheer 09 is less than 2 months away.
The exams - let's see, yes, I get the typical question of "What's coming out for exams?" And my typical answer is "Questions!" Everyone is supposed to focus on exams and everything else is supposed to give way to academic excellence. Nothing wrong with that. But that doesn't sound all correct either. Tell it to the people who have to prepare for numerous school activities that will take place SOON.
The drama - We FINALLY have a title. It's called "I have a dream". It will be staged at the Civic Centre on 27th June 2009 .... for the benefit of those who still ask "When is it, ah?" and "In the school hall, ah?" And we had a meeting today for those of us directly involved in the production. It was a fruitful meeting because we finally settled a lot of issues and answered a lot of questions as to the roles of each committee, and the kind of things we can expect to do. Some of us finally see the need to get moving with their work. We have less than 2 months to prepare, actually 7 weeks. And I think it was good that everyone finally SAW how massive the whole production is - how much money it was going to cost us, how much man/woman/girl power we are going to need, how much effort is going to be required of everyone concerned. A word of warning to those of you reading this : If you're involved in the drama, DON'T BE INVOLVED IN ANYTHING ELSE. Alternatively, if you cannot give your time to the drama, QUIT before it is too late. I am sorry I have to say it but you will not be able to give your best to many activities. And we don't want HALF-BAKED commitment. Having said that ... I welcome volunteers for stage crew in the production. Come and see me and let me know that you are interested and able.
Cheer 09 - This is going to happen on 4 and 5 JULY. In case you haven't noticed, that is the weekend right after the drama. So it will be a MAD MAD 2 WEEKENDS that I am going to have. The squad? Not ready. We are so jinxed this year with all the injuries and other circumsances. We have the co-capt injured, and another having hip problem. We have someone with a growth somewhere. We have some people who will NOT be around during Cheer 09 or the week leading to it. We have people who will be going away for a while. We have people who have been away from practice due to other commitments. So, yeah ... we are far from being ready. But on the bright side, we are now forced to look at the juniors and see potential in them. They may not shine this year, but they will, by next year. And supporters t-shirts will be here soon, another week, I'm told. So, get ready and buy the shirts!!! We need all the support we can get.
So you see, the pace is really picking up. I might look and behave strangely once in a while. It probably means I am too caught up in all the tasks at hand and feel overwhelmed. If I look upset, or extremely stressed, stay away!!! LOL. No, just give me a few words of encouragement and remind me that things will fall into place.
I think I have been sighing a lot the last 2 days. So I am not going to sigh again ... lest I get a whack on my head from my BOSS! I am going to smile, and I am going to laugh. And I am going to look on the bright side of things and be positive about all that come my way. And most importantly, I am going to learn to release to God the things I cannot control and stop trying to do everything myself.

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