Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pre Mother's Day and Mother's Day

Yesterday was a nice and pleasant pre-mother's day for me. Even more pleasant than today since we didn't really do anything today as a celebration.
The day started like any non-working Saturday ... going to the market to stock up food for the week. Then, we (mum and I) came home and I cooked pasta for the kids, while hubby took Jon and Jeremy out for a swim. Joel didn't get to go, so I opened up the inflatable pool for him and let him have some fun.
Came lunch time, hubby and I went out on our date to The Ship. Been a while since we have had time to just go out without the kids. Lunch was nice, and we got to just have a relaxing time just the two of us. For those of you kids .... YES, your parents need time to date too. After lunch we went for a walk at Tropicana City Mall, just for a look-see, and for grocery shopping (I know, boring, according to a friend). But it was a good opportunity for the two of us to be without the kids and anyone else, for that matter. Then we went home.
That evening, hubby was taking all of us out for dinner. I knew it was not just going to be US. When we got to Bella Italia, some of my church families were also there. We were all going to celebrate Mother's Day together. It was nice because we were in a cosy restaurant and we pretty much conquered the place. The husbands planned this together. They also got bouquets of roses for the children to give us, mums. And hubby got a card for the boys to sign and give to me. This has got to be the most elaborate Mother's Day celebration I have ever had. I was very touched and certainly, it was a nice and meaningful day for me. Meaningful because I celebrated it with my family, and also my mum was there as well. It was a treat for her though she didn't get a bouquet from me. She got a hamper instead, the day before!
Today, we went to church. The Sunday School children (including my 3 boys) sang a song for the mothers. I was very touched although I knew the song and I knew they were going to sing. Somehow, I was reminded why I am a mother. It is because of my sons. They made me a mother. And they made me realise that I'm capable of loving so much. Even the message today spoke to me ... about my role as a mother, a parent - how I need to mould and nurture my children so that they do not get lost on their journey of life. After the message, the speaker asked all the children to stand with their parents and since my boys were still in Sunday School, I went to my mum. I hugged her and we all prayed .... for all the parent-child relationships there are. And I cried buckets. Because I realised that I had unresolved issues with my mum. That will be another story.
After that we went for lunch and then we were supposed to go home. Instead, Jeremy and I ended up spending the afternoon in Pyramid. We walked around, had Baskin Robbins, bought things and then went home. It was nice. Something that I had not done in a while - going somewhere with Jeremy. He is my drama king, he is the manja one, the one who cries the most, and the one who shows me his affection the most.
So that's my Mother's Day weekend. The most important thing I have learned is that my children are precious to me, and I love them with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers (biological mums, adoptive mums, god-mums, mums-in-law, anyone who plays the role of a mother to others). May all that you have given and sacrificed come back to you as a hundred fold blessing.

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